Ford’s pandemic performance Kyboshed another majority government


Ontario’s progressive conservative premiere, Doug Ford, has a reputation for responding to pandemics, is more popular than it was before the pandemic, and if voters participate in today’s polls, another majority party You can easily win the government. poll.

But perhaps Ford’s chances of winning another majority are destined primarily to deal with the pandemic of his economic killings.

Ford cannot take much responsibility for his early decision to blockade the state. Even then-President Donald Trump initially responded to the urgent request for a blockade from public health facilities. But Trump soon realized that he was inhaled, that “science” was everywhere on the map, and that blockade cures were worse than illness. Unlike most national leaders, Trump has undertaken state and local governments to apply blockades to become a symbol of sanity and the freedom of millions of Americans.

Trump’s anti-blockade stance clearly struck a chord with conservatives. In the 2020 presidential election, he won 74 million votes, 10 million more than in 2016. In fact, it does more than any previous president in history.

Conservative reactions to the blockade can also be seen in Israel. Israel spent more time blocking than any other country at one stage and helped give the world’s highest score on containment and health indicators developed by the Oxford University Coronavirus Government Tracker Project. Many Israelis have rushed to mark the conservative government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in identifying the threat of COVID-19, imposing a strict blockade, and securing vaccines. I gave the mark. Many others violently opposed the blockade, leading to public protests.

Results came out in a recent general election in Israel. An astonishing 21 percent of those who voted for Netanyahu’s Likud party just a year ago were at home or voted for another party. Home analysis showed that they came especially from Likud’s base. Netanyahu is highly respected among Likud voters for both foreign policy and economic reasons, so if dissatisfaction with the blockade was the cause of one-third of the time at home, under Israel’s proportional representation system. , The blockade has been lost. Netanyahu’s vote was needed to easily maintain power.

In the state-level United States, Florida under a popular governor has outstripped the blockade. Blockades and other COVID restrictions are a conservative test of legitimacy in California, where the governor is facing a recall. On March 2, this year, Texas Governor Greg Abbott tweeted: all. Also, the state-wide Maskman date has ended. On April 6, Indiana became the second Republican-led state, circumventing Mask’s obligations. States that avoid strict restrictions not only do better than states that have strict restrictions in terms of economic indicators, but also tend to have better health outcomes.

Meanwhile, Ontario, despite suspicious evidence in favor of the blockade, despite the World Health Organization’s recommendations against the blockade as a primary control, and despite a letter from Dr. Richard Shabas to Ford. , Is on the verge of a third blockade across the state. “The blockade was not part of the planned pandemic response and was not endorsed by strong science,” said the former Ontario Health Director.

When Roman Barber, one of the Prime Minister’s own members of parliament, wrote to Ford: It causes suicide, overdose, bankruptcy, divorce avalanches and makes huge sacrifices to children, “Ford expelled him from the caucuses. When the public protested the blockade outside the state legislature, Ford called them “many Yahoo.”

Ford’s undeniable reason that the blockade leads to good politics. After he cast himself as the savior of COVID in Ontario, the press, who had previously ridiculed him as a fool and a lube, praised him and participated in polls. However, the rise can be short-lived. Ontario, the world’s largest borrower of the subsovereign government, will soon be in debt close to $ 5 trillion. The budget balance plan has not been disclosed, and taxpayers admit that they may not be able to see the balance budget until 10 years from now.

Conservatives will have little reason to vote for him after Ford bankrupts a small business (his base) and unemploys working-class Ontario people from his base again. Many state officials who are protected from loss of blockade income do not vote for him. And soon, 14 months from now, well before the next local election in June 2022, the overwhelming leftist media turned him on, increasing government spending, promoting social justice, and protesting. Silence, and generally a great reset.

The persuasive fuss of appointing sexists, racists, anti-environmental, and chronies has once again become a staple of nightly news as the press portrays pre-pandemic Ford. Let’s do it. Conservatives, many of whom Ford ridiculed as “Yahoo,” wouldn’t want to switch their loyalty to a leftist party. But they may not be as ranked as they used to see Ford being ridiculed, and more want to stay home than go to polls and hold their noses to vote. Will be.

Lawrence Solomon is the author and columnist of The Epoch Times. Lawrence [email protected] @LSolomonTweets

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