Fore!Biden is the first president to play golf

Wilmington, Delaware (AP) — President Joe Biden made his first swing in the president’s entertainment, golf.

Biden, once an avid golfer, said on Saturday Wilmington Country ClubNot far from his Delaware home where he was spending the weekend. I played golf for the first time since I took office in January.

According to the White House, the president co-starred with Ron Oliver and senior adviser Steve Ricchetti, the father-in-law of Biden’s late son Bo. According to the United States Golf Association, Biden’s handicap index is just over six. But he hasn’t recorded a round since 2018.

Biden is a member of the country club and played golf frequently as Vice President. But his abilities were ridiculed by former Ohio Governor John Kasich, who once said at the Republican National Convention that “Joe Biden told me he was a good golfer.”

“And I played golf with Joe Biden,” continued Kasich. “I can say that is not true.”

Golf has always been a favorite of the president. Dwight Eisenhower, George W. Bush and Barack Obama all played frequently.

Biden’s predecessor Donald Trump played frequently, with a total of over 300 rounds in his four-year tenure, including the heyday of the COVID-19 pandemic last year. Trump also played only in country clubs owned in Florida, Virginia and New Jersey.