Foreign fighters on the battlefield to support the fight against Russia: Ukraine

The first foreign fighter has arrived in Ukraine In the fierce bombardment of Russia And on the battlefield, Ukrainian military officials told the Military Times.

This is the first time the unit has been used, the Ukrainian Brig. General Kirilo Budanov, head of the country’s defense intelligence, told the Military Times Monday afternoon.

At the end of last month, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky created the “International Army of the Ukrainian Territory Defense Department” as a global call for foreigners to support their country.

“The first group is already on the battlefield,” another Ukrainian official said on anonymous terms to explain the situation. “A new group goes to the battle area every day.”

Officials said they arrived from the United States, United Kingdom, Sweden, Lithuania, Mexico, India and other countries.

Volunteer fighters arrive in Ukraine.But untrained people should stay home

Officials were unaware of all the tasks they were performing, but said some were defending Kyiv.

“It’s difficult to talk to them because they’re in combat areas,” officials said, estimating that about 20,000 people around the world are interested in volunteering. Last week, Ukrainian defense officials in Washington, DC, said about 3,000 Americans, including many veterans, were interested.

Pentagon spokesman John Kirby urged Americans to stay home.

“I don’t have an American quote that might want to volunteer to go there,” he said. “Last week I said that if you are American and want to do it right next to Ukraine, the best you can do is how to donate to so many institutions trying to deal with the current problem. To find out. Obviously a humanitarian crisis in this area, and certainly Ukraine. We still don’t believe Ukraine is a safe place for Americans. Don’t let us go to them. Encourage them, and if they are still there, we urge them to leave. “

The US State Department also recommends that citizens do not travel to Ukraine.

Russia’s war with Ukraine is now on its 12th day, and while the invading forces have slowed down, Ukraine’s cities are experiencing a devastating barrage of aircraft and missile attacks. This is an effort to strengthen the Ukrainian army.

Want to go fight for Ukraine? This is what to do.

Ukrainian officials told the Military Times last week. He added that those who fight would at least be provided with rifles. He did not comment on whether they would be issued other types of weapons.

Ukrainian officials have emphasized to the Military Times that they are looking for foreign volunteers with combat experience who require little training before being armed and sent to the front lines.

Instructions to join the corps require a “document confirming cooperation with military service or law enforcement and participation in combat.”

“We want trained people to come,” said Ukrainian officials. “I don’t have time to train.”