Foreign Minister Melanie Joly heads to Ukraine over Russian military concerns

Ottawa — Canada’s Foreign Minister is heading to Ukraine amid growing concerns about Russia’s aggression.

Melanie Joly departs for Kiev on Sunday on a week-long trip that includes stops in Paris and Brussels.

According to her office, the trip aims to highlight Canada’s unwavering support for Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity as Russia’s invasion continues.

In Kiev, Jolly will meet with Prime Minister Denys Shmyhali and Deputy Prime Minister Olga Stefanicina.

She will also meet with about 200 Canadian troops in Ukraine as part of a mission to train the country’s security forces.

Jolly then travels to Paris to meet with the French counterpart and then to Brussels, where he meets the Belgian counterpart and NATO Secretary-General Jensstrutenberg.

“The accumulation of Russian troops and equipment in and around Ukraine threatens the security of the entire region,” Jolly said in a statement announcing the trip on Saturday.

“These offensive actions must be deterred. Canada will work with international partners to support a rule-based international order and maintain the human rights and dignity of Ukrainians.”

According to the statement, Jolly “emphasizes the importance of collective security and its role in maintaining Ukraine’s sovereignty, territorial integrity and independence.”

Canadian press