Foreign Minister QUAD meets in Melbourne, Australia

The four Foreign Ministers of the QUAD countries, Australia, the United States, India and Japan, met for the fourth time in Melbourne on February 11.

At the top of the agenda are security, economic involvement, new technologies, climate change, humanitarian issues, and response to COVID-19 in regions including Russia, China and North Korea.

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison participated Simple press appearance Before the meeting began, we welcomed US Secretary of State Antony Blinken, Foreign Minister Marise Payne of Australia, Foreign Minister S. Jaishankar of India, and Yoshimasa Hayashi of Japan.

Morrison praised the dialogue as a source of support in a “very vulnerable, fragmented and contested” world.

“I’m relieved of our point of view. I’m relieved of the understanding we share with each other. I’m relieved of the incredibly strong support Australia has received from its QUAD partners,” he told reporters. rice field. Beijing for Australian exports.

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(LR) US Secretary of State Antony Blinken, Australian Foreign Minister, Women’s Minister Marise Payne, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison, Indian Foreign Minister Dr. S. Jaishankar, Japanese Foreign Minister Yoshimasa Hayashi, Melbourne Federal Assembly February 11, 2022, Australia Office in Melbourne. At the 2022 Quad Foreign Ministers’ Meeting, foreign ministers from Australia, the United States, Japan and India will meet to discuss national cooperation in areas such as economics and security. , And a coronavirus pandemic. (AAP image / pool, Darrian Traynor)

“We always support the values ‚Äč‚Äčthat unite us most. In doing so, we confront those who try to force us.”

US Secretary of State Blinken praised Morrison’s leadership in promoting QUAD.

“This is not what we are against, but a group of countries that are brought together by what we are for. What we are looking for is a free and open Indo-Pacific. “He said.

“The most dynamic regions of the world, the fastest growing economies, half of the world’s population, people deserve to live freely, countries deserve the freedom to cooperate and connect with the people they choose.” Added. “Together, we can show that we are effective in benefiting our people.”

India’s Jaishankar said that when he first visited Australia, QUAD worked well because of the strong bilateral relations between Australia and India, and Japanese Prime Minister Hayashi said the recently signed “historical”. He said that Japan-Australia relations had reached a “new height”. Mutual access agreement for greater cooperation on defense issues.

Australia’s Foreign Minister Payne said the talks will focus on challenges on a “different scale” than in decades.

“Multiple authoritarian regimes are emerging as challenges in the current world situation-North Korea (North Korea), China too-and they will be part of our debate,” she said at a press conference. Said in.

“Our collaboration in the Indo-Pacific has grown exponentially and it is very rewarding to see so many partners in the region working with both of us.”

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