Former Atlanta Mayor Keisha LanceBottoms says he was denied the use of leggings

Former Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms called Capital Grille after saying she had left the restaurant because she was wearing leggings.

“I’m wearing leggings, so I’ve just turned my back on @CapitalGrille at Perimeter Mall,” she said. Tweet Friday.

When someone pointed out that the facility had a dress code, Bottoms said it was “strange” not to allow what she called the mall’s outfit when the restaurant was in the mall.

“I was asked if I could sit in the bar area and said’no’. The rule is the rule. I think the woman who came in right after me and I didn’t see was also denied service. . “She wrote.

The restaurant’s website says, “We need the right dresses to better fulfill our promise of comfort and sophistication for all our guests.” According to the website, clothing such as gym clothes, tank tops, sweatpants, hats, and items that “contain unpleasant words” are not allowed.

However, social media users commented that the rules weren’t immediately followed, and took pictures of most white patrons eating at Capital Grille wearing one of the banned clothing. I posted it.

“Keisha Lance Bottoms, the mayor of the BLACK Democratic Party in Atlanta (my friend), was denied service at @CapitalGrille, but WHITE Folk in Jim’s clothes and T-shirt is perfectly fine at Capital grill.” Tweeted actor Daniel Newman.

The white actor went on to say that he had eaten many times at the restaurant, wearing tank tops, T-shirts, and gym shorts.

“I had no problem getting a seat. I think my clothes looked whiter,” he said.

Black bottoms took office in 2018 In 2021 she announced she wouldn’t ask for reelection.. She has been a member of CNN since then as a political critic.

The Capital Grill did not publicly comment on Saturday and did not respond to requests for comment.