Former Australian Parliamentarian alleges improper contact by minister

Julia Banks is in a position to speak in Congress when five male colleagues leave the conference room

Julia Banks told Congress in 2018 that she would leave the Liberal Party and urged her government colleagues to resign.

Julia Banks, a former Australian Parliamentarian, said she received inappropriate contact from current members of the Houses of Parliament in 2017.

Ms. Banks, who made the allegations in her memoirs, said a male lawmaker moved his hand up during a parliamentary voting session before leaving.

Scott Morrison’s office said in a statement that he was previously unaware of the allegations.

They said such behavior was “totally inappropriate.”

In an excerpt from her memoirs, Ms. Banks did not identify the man she said was still in the cabinet.

She and other government members when the minister came and sat next to her and put her hand “just above my knees, slowly and deliberately on my inner thighs, and further up.” Was waiting for a parliamentary vote at night. ” My feet “.

“To do this with the wings of the prime minister full of coalition [government] MP, he had to be surprisingly brave. It was incredible. “

Banks’s allegations once again highlighted Morrison’s conservative government and the treatment of women in broader Australian politics.

Separate rape allegations against the Houses of Parliament and senior government officials sparked a wave of #MeToo protests nationwide earlier this year.

Ms. Banks previously talked about sexism and misogyny in Australian politics.

Former MPs resigned from the Liberal Party sensationally in 2018 after former Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull took testimony in a leadership coup that set up Scott Morrison.

According to her resignation theory at that time, She accused the “bullying and intimidation” she experienced in Congress.. Former lawyer Banks said Congress is decades behind the corporate world in its attitude towards women.

She expanded this “anti-female” culture with her book “Power Play: Breaking Through Bias, Barriers and Youth Clubs”.

In it, she also claims that Morrison tried to “bully” her after announcing her departure and trying to silence her. He was like “a constant, menacing, background wallpaper,” she said.

A spokesperson for the prime minister admitted that Morrison had several conversations with Banks.

Details of the #MeToo scandal that shakes Australian politics

“The prime minister is disappointed with Mr. Banks’ decision to resign from the parliamentary party and understands what she is experiencing to see what support she will receive before she makes the decision. I talked with her several times, “said a spokesman.

They added that Morrison “absolutely rejects claims about the nature of those conversations.”

The Australian Parliament is currently subject to a workplace culture survey conducted by the Gender Discrimination Commission.

The investigation was one of five initiated after Brittany Higgins, a former government aide, spoke at the Prime Minister’s Office in 2019 about alleged rape by a senior colleague.

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