Former Australian police officer protests COVID-19


A 31-year veteran police officer said he had quit police over the COVID-19 health order as thousands of people reunited over the weekend to protest the restrictions.

Roland Crystal, who has been with the New South Wales Police since the age of 19, peacefully protested COVID-19’s orders with tens of thousands of people under the supervision of a former colleague.

“I went back to my former colleagues and came out to tell them that you have a code of conduct and ethics, a statement of values, and you need to obey them. And it’s the right law. It means protecting and preserving people’s rights and freedoms, “Crystal told The Epoch Times.

He said he reluctantly cut his badge on October 5, 2021 after spending 30 years in police.

“For the majority of people [my career]Whenever I receive orders from the commander, those orders make sense.It was up to [COVID-19] “Public health orders here,” he said. “These public health orders are completely incomplete.”

“I just resigned to go out and talk for the cops and the general public.”

Epoch Times Photo
Former New South Wales Police Officer Roland Crystal was interviewed by an Epoch Times reporter at the Freedom Rally in Sydney, Australia, on November 27, 2021. (Epoch Times Sydney staff)

Crystal was one of the police officers who resigned after discovering the current COVID-19 restrictions, and vaccination obligations made it impossible to carry out work on the basis of personal and professional ethics.

They came together by name Police for freedom, An international movement launched in February 2021 that states its mission to “educate people on human rights, civil liberties, constitutional rights, and the ethical code of conduct of police and security forces.” increase.

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A fierce police protest in Sydney, Australia, November 27, 2021. (Nina Nguyen / Epoch Times)

It happened in the background of being accused of distributing unjustified COVID-19 fines by police. Targeting young people When Underprivileged community, When collision With protesters and citizens.

Concerns have also been raised by those who are still active in the military.

NS Leaked email In November, NSW Deputy Police Commissioner Gary Worboys said he opposed plans imposed by NSW. Biosecurity measures About the Aboriginal community in the name of the pandemic health order.

Adopted in other Australian states, the bill empowers the military and police to limit access to the country’s most remote communities. The Warboys asked if the Aboriginal community supported the plan and said it was “impossible” to police.

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People of all ages participated in a protest against the COVID-19 order in Sydney, Australia, on November 27, 2021. (NinaNguyen / Epoch Times)

“Now the government is demanding that the police be a tool of oppression,” Crystal continued. “And it wasn’t something our officers participated in. We participated to be the guardians of peace and the pillars of society.”

“The government is abusing the police. Many of them are plagued by it, but many are not aware of the situation.”

He said many pandemic laws sound “very communist.”

“There is the destruction of the middle class and the closure of private companies, and when police are used that way, they are subject to very strict censorship. Many of them sound very communist.”

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Protesters put up a sign saying “Media is a virus” in Sydney, Australia, on November 27, 2021. (Nina Nguyen / Epoch Times)

“Free Rally” across Australia attracts tens of thousands of people of all ages and professions to protest COVID-19 obligations in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide and 12 other regions. It was crowded with. Attendees also told the Epoch Times that they were not anti-vaccinated and were often vaccinated, but opposed forced vaccination.

They put up signs with slogans such as “The media is a virus”, “Ask everything”, and in Melbourne “Fear God, not Dan”.

They also sang “freedom” and sang Waltzing Matilda, waving the flags of Australia, Aborigines and Eureka.

Nina Nguyen


Nina Nguyen is a Sydney-based Vietnamese reporter with a focus on Australian news. Contact her at [email protected].