Former Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd joins Ukraine advisory group


Former Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has joined an international advisory group established by the President of Ukraine to consider ways to prevent future Russian invasion.

A group of former government foreign policy experts, “Who Who”, held its first meeting earlier this month after being founded by Ukrainian leader Volodymyr Zelensky in May.

The group hopes to create security to avoid repeated Russian invasions of Ukraine, including strengthening preemptive diplomatic forces to prevent attacks.

“We hope that the recommendations of this working group support the legitimate desire of Ukraine to rebuild as a powerful, free and sovereign state in pursuit of its destiny,” Rudd said in a statement on his website. ..

“Ukrainians are, of course, focused on winning this war.

“But when that is over, Ukrainian leaders want to have a clear understanding of the types of national and international mechanisms that may prevent further attacks on their country by Russia and other nations. prize.”

Andrey Jermac, head of the Office of the President of Ukraine, said the recommendations could include promoting rapid access to military, economic and humanitarian assistance.

Other members of the group of 12 include former British Foreign Minister William Hague, former Swedish Prime Minister Carl Bildt, and former Polish Foreign Minister Anna Fotiga.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Anthony Albanese, at the invitation of Zelensky, is considering a lightning-fast visit to the war-torn Kieu.

Albanese in Europe, who is attending the NATO summit in Madrid and is in diplomatic negotiations with French President Emmanuel Macron, has not yet confirmed whether he will accept the offer.

The Prime Minister has been working to rebuild relations with Paris after the Morrison administration was diplomatically affected by the trading of nuclear submarines in 2021.



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