Former Bank Governor Mark Carney among the Featured Speakers of the Liberal Party Convention

Ottawa — One day, long-proclaimed potential Liberal Party leader, Mark Carney will give a keynote speech at a federal convention later this week.

This is a kind of political advancement party for the former governors of the Bank of Canada and the Bank of England.

Until recently, his role as a central banker required Kearney to avoid signs of partisanship.

However, he is still known to quietly flirt with the idea of ​​jumping into politics, and liberals have been tapping his name for at least a decade.

In 2012, after the liberals were hit by the worst election thrashing in history, questions about leadership practices became so intense that Kearney was forced to deny interest with a stinging rejoiner.

He left the country shortly thereafter to take over the steering of the Bank of England, but speculation about his interest in federal politics was that he returned to Canada last summer and his memoir “Value: Construction”. The recent announcement has intensified again. A better world for everyone. “

The book is sustainable and more comprehensive, based on lessons learned from managing monetary policy in Canada during the 2008 financial crisis and during the turbulent aftermath of Britain’s departure from Europe. Details Kearney’s prescription for post-pandemic economic recovery. Union.

When Bill Morneau suddenly resigned as Finance Minister last August, Kearney’s name appeared as an alternative. Instead, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau chose Chrystia Freeland. She herself was widely considered a candidate for ultimate leadership.

Kearney’s name has also reappeared as a potential candidate to fill a seat in Morneau’s Toronto Center. However, he did not run and the vacant seats were filled by former broadcaster Marci Ien, one of the co-chairs of the virtual convention on April 8-10.

Kearney has been shy about his political ambitions since the release of his book last month. He argues that he focuses on his work as a UN Special Envoy on Climate Change and Finance and his new role as Vice Chairman of Brookfield Asset Management, Inc., where he claims to focus on the environment and society. Oversees the expansion of global investment firms to target investment.

But he has not categorically ruled out the political future.

Kearney’s appearance at the Liberal Party convention, which begins Thursday night, may not signal a rush into politics. But it shows that his toes were first publicly immersed in the partisan sea.

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