Former BC Cabinet Minister denies that the government says it knows about casino crime

Vancouver — Former Cabinet Minister denies telling game investigators that members of the BC liberal government are aware of illegal activity in casinos and do little to prevent crime.

Kash Heed said in a public inquiry into money laundering that he remembered having lunch with former game researcher Fred Pinnock in Victoria in 2009, but his meeting memories are from Pinnock. Is different.

Pinnock testified last fall that he met Heed in November 2009 shortly after being appointed as a solicitor to raise concerns about a large amount of suspicious cash that could be related to organized crime at a British Columbia casino. did.

Former RCMP executive Pinnock, who once led the disbanded integrated illegal game enforcement team, is concerned that then-game minister Rich Coleman will make more money for the government than fighting casino crime. He said he was shocked. ..

Heed, a former chief of the West Vancouver Police Department, said he did not make such a comment today.

Coleman testified earlier this week that he never prioritized the profits of the game over the fight against crime at the casino.

The NDP government called for an investigation in 2019 after three reports outlined how British Columbia’s real estate, luxury car and gaming sectors are being used to clean illegal cash.

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