Former British Columbia Secretary Craig James’s Trust Violation Trial Begins

Vancouver — Special Counsel said a former secretary of the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia used government funds for personal gain, taking advantage of his position as one of the state’s top civil servants. I am.

Craig James pleaded not guilty to two over $ 5,000 frauds and three breach of trust by British Columbia Supreme Court officials on the first day of the trial in Vancouver.

Special counsel David Butcher said the allegations against James were related to retirement allowances of over $ 250,000, purchases of wooden splitters and trailers, travel expenses and personal souvenirs.

Butcher told the court that his personal belongings ranged from books on topics such as beekeeping and whiskey to cufflinks and cushions adorned with the Union Jack and the word “Her Majesty.”

Deputy Judge Heather Holmes is hearing the case and is expected to hear testimony from 27 witnesses for at least three weeks.

James’ lawyer has not yet presented a debate in court.

The clerk is a senior officer of the house and is responsible for advising the speaker on parliamentary procedures and performing the main administrative functions of the parliament.

James was suspended from the post in 2018 after the RCMP’s investigation into allegations of spending on personal spending in the legislature.

“Crown argues that James’ actions at different times and in different ways were a significant departure from the responsible management standards expected of one of the highest positions in the state. Butcher told the court.

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