Former British soldier imprisoned for killing a neighbor with a ceremonial dagger

A former British Army soldier who served in Afghanistan was imprisoned for a minimum of 38 years in prison for killing a neighbor in a small line above a parking space.

Former Royal Engineer Colin Reeves, 35, rushed into the village of Norton Fitzwarren in Somerset, western England, using a ceremonial dagger given to him when he left the army in 2017. Later, he stabbed and killed Stephen and Jennifer Chapl. November 21, 2021.

Reeves and his wife have been competing with Chaples for parking space for new home development since May 2021.

Reeves, convicted of murder, pleaded guilty to manslaughter because of reduced liability, but two forensic psychiatrists found that he suffered from mental illness or post-traumatic stress disorder. He denied, saying he was only suffering from depression.

After Judge Neil Garnam ruled Reeves, the soldier’s mother, Lynn, stood up and insisted that there should never be a trial, and the two psychiatrists were wrong.

In a trial at the Bristol Criminal Court, I heard that Reeves’ marriage was problematic and his wife, Kaley, was seeking separation just an hour before killing Chaples.

In a videotape interview a few days after the murder, Reeves’ mother said: He hasn’t been the same since he returned from (Afghanistan). “

She added: He is in the wrong direction. I pushed him away when he needed me the most. “

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Dateless handouts of Jennifer and Stephen Chapl on their wedding day. (Avon Somerset Police / Pennsylvania)

The court heard that the controversy over parking spaces went wild.

The trial was shown by security cameras showing Reeves climbing over the fence into the Chaples yard and entering the house through the back door.

After a while, you can hear Jennifer Chapple screaming and Reeves screaming, “Die, you f ******, die.”

After his arrest, Reeves told the detention officer, “I was under surgery,” and when asked for his name, he answered, “Corporal Lance Reeves, Sir,” and gave him his army number.

Garnum tells Reeves: They were put to sleep by their parents that night and never met them again. The harm you have done to those two innocent children is immeasurable. “

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