Former British soldiers fight and kill Russian troops in Ukraine


According to his family, a former British soldier was shot dead in Ukraine.

Jordan Gatley was nominated by his father in a social media tribute post. His father described him as “forever in our hearts” and “hero”.

Dean Gatley said his son left the British Army in March “to continue his soldier career elsewhere.”

He went to Ukraine to assist “after careful consideration,” his father added, saying that on Friday the family received “catastrophic” news of his death.

Mr. Gatley said his son was shot dead in the city of Severodonetsk in eastern Ukraine.

In a Facebook post, he said:

“There were some messages from his team that conveyed his wealth of knowledge, his skills as a soldier, and his love for his work.

“His team says they all loved him, just like us. He made a big difference in the lives of many people by training the Ukrainian army, not just the soldiers. I did.

“Jordan and his team were very proud of the work they were doing. He often told me that the mission they were doing was dangerous but necessary.

“He loves his work and we are very proud of him. He is really a hero and will be in our hearts forever.”

“We are supporting the family of a British man who died in Ukraine,” said a spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

In April, he paid tribute to Scott Sibley, a British veteran allegedly killed in Ukraine during a battle with Russian troops.

At that time, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirmed that the British people had died in Ukraine.

Aine Fox

PA media