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A man who claims his wife hired a hitman explains what he claims to have happened

Tommy says he suspected his wife Rachel for the past decade. He claims she tricked him with multiple men, chatted online, and put himself in an indiscriminate situation. Tommy says that as her wife’s alcohol consumption increases, so does her distrust. Last year he claimed that his 31-year-old wife hired a hitman to kill him. Watch the video above and hear Tommy say it happened on the day he claims he was hiding in the laundry room waiting for the hitman to kill him. She calls Rachel ridiculous of Tommy’s accusations, and she categorically denies deceiving her husband or hiring someone to kill him. Listen more to them in Friday’s episode “My wife hired a hitman,” and how the couple say Rachel’s excessive alcohol consumption is affecting their marriage. Please ask if you are. Check the local list to see where you can watch it. See: The woman accused by her husband who hired her killer to kill the killer is TELLDR who protects herself. Phil Your Story: Is there a story that Dr. Phil can’t believe?