Former cartel boss Miguel Angel Felix Gallardo speaks for the first time since his arrest


Former cartel boss Miguel Angel Felix Gallardo breaks silence interview Noticia Stelemund and the first time since he was arrested in 1989 Dead (number) DEA undercover investigator Enrique “Kiki” of Camarena and Mexican pilot Alfredo Zavala.

detail: Once considered the “godfather” of drug crime and one of the most feared criminals in the world, the man, now visibly exhausted at the age of 75, “buried himself in the roots of a tree” We call it the “corpse waiting for you”.

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  • Regarding Camarena, Felix Gallardo said: […] But I know he was a good person, “he continued to deny that he masterminded the murder of the agent.

  • Still, he added, he hopes that the widow of Camarena “should be relieved that the criminal is providing time.”

  • In addition to Felix Gallardo, former Guadalajara Cartel Co-leader Ernesto Fonseca is under house arrest.

  • Francisco Tejeda Jaramiro, a former police officer who was presumed to have triggered the murder, left prison in 2016 and is now painter..

Flashback: Felix Gallardo’s Expansion The number of drug routes to the United States gave him the nickname “jefedejefes”, and the group he co-founded was the first major Mexican criminal organization.

  • Felix Gallardo used to work with fugitive Rafael Caro Quintello, one of the FBI’s ten most wanted men, oversaw adjutants like the young Joaquín “El Chapo”. Guzman — Later the leader of the Sinaloa Cartel — and Amado Carrillo Fentes, nickname “Elseñordeloscielos” for the fleet of planes used to move drugs for his Juarez Cartel.

State of play: Sinaloa Cartel and Juarez Cartel are not yet operating, After the original Kingpin was imprisoned or died. There is no Guadalajara Cartel anymore.

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