Former central banker Kearney makes his political debut at the liberal convention

Ottawa — Ministers will be attending the parade at today’s Liberal Party convention, but all eyes will be on Mark Carney, who has never made an overt step into partisan politics.

Everyone wonders if the former central bank’s attendance at the convention in talks with a new liberal parliamentarian and convention co-chair Mercy Yen tonight has finally indicated its intention to enter politics. ..

For a decade, the liberals persuaded the former governor of the Bank of Canada to run for the party one day, and perhaps even dreamed of leading the party one day.

Kearney became smarter from the historic election bang and quietly flirted with the 2012 leadership idea brought to court by liberals desperately looking for a savior.

But in criticism that even the slightest whims of partisanship undermine significant independence for central bankers, Kearney eventually left Canada as the “circus clown” and the Bank of England,

He has been shy about his political ambitions since returning to Canada last summer and publishing a book last month promoting a new kind of vision of capitalism that combines the pursuit of profit with social objectives. ..

His view that the COVID-19 pandemic provides an opportunity to reset the way the world works, making it more comprehensive, more equitable and more environmentally sustainable is the government’s belief in Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Is in good harmony with.

Kearney will appear in the tournament more than a week before Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland, who is considered the successor to Trudeau, makes his first budget. Explain in detail the cost of a pandemic, where the country’s deficit has already skyrocketed to over $ 380 billion, and plans to spend up to $ 100 billion to promote a more equitable, environmentally friendly and comprehensive economic recovery. Is expected.

Even if Kearney doesn’t clean up about his political ambitions tonight, the approval of the government’s general direction by someone of his height will be welcomed by the Liberal Party.

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