Former Chief of Staff Harper heads the Conservative Leadership Race Rules Committee

Ottawa — The Conservative Party is looking to former Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s former Chief of Staff to lead a committee that sets the rules for the party’s leadership race.

Ian Brodie, now an associate professor at the University of Calgary, chairs the Leadership Election Organizing Committee, which includes 20 other members.

The party’s constitution requires the establishment of a committee to determine the rules and procedures used when members prepare to choose a permanent replacement for Erin O’Toole.

Among the other key members of the committee are James Dodds, Chairman of the Conservative Party of Canada, Eric Duncan, Member of Provincial Ontario, Judith Seidman, Senator of Quebec, and Leona Agrukkak, former Minister of the Harper. There is former Yukon Prime Minister Darrell Pasloski.

Conservative Caucus recently resolved to expel Mr. Outur as dissatisfaction with Mr. Outur’s leadership increased after his defeat in the general election last year.

Manitoba State Assembly member Candice Bergen was elected as the party’s interim leader until a permanent member was elected.

So far, the only participant in the race is MP Pierre Poirievre in the Ottawa region, who has already won some supporters at the caucuses.

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