Former Chiefs assistant Reid found guilty of drinking accident

KANSAS CITY, Missouri (AP) — Former Kansas City Chiefs assistant coach Britt Reed suffered a serious brain injury to a 5-year-old girl last year after driving drunk, speeding and crashing into two parked cars. was convicted on Tuesday for inflicting.

lead pleaded guilty in September Driving under the influence of alcohol and causing serious injury. The charges carry a maximum sentence of seven years in prison, but prosecutors said they agreed to seek a maximum of four years in prison at the hearing.

Circuit Judge Charles H. Mackenzie also flouted the sentencing agreement and could give Reid 120 days in prison and five years probation.

Prosecutors said Reed, son of chief coach Andy Reid, I was drunk and driving at 84 mph On February 4, 2021, when his Dodge truck was hit by a car at the entrance ramp to Interstate 435 near Arrowhead Stadium in the 65 mph zone (135 km/h).

The girl in the car, Ariel Young, suffered a brain injury. A total of six people were injured, including Reed. Her one of the cars he crashed stalled with a dead battery and the second was owned by Ariel’s mother who came to her rescue.

Police said Reed’s blood alcohol level was 0.113% two hours after the crash. The legal limit is her 0.08%.

Reed’s attorney, J.R. Hobbs, said in a sentencing memo that Reed should be placed on probation, noting that he publicly apologized and repented.

Ariel’s family opposed the plea deal and wanted Reid sentenced to up to seven years in prison.

Reid underwent emergency surgery for a groin injury after the crash. The Chiefs put him on leave and his work with the team ended after his contract expired.

This isn’t the first legal issue for Reid, who graduated from Pennsylvania’s drug treatment program in 2009 after a series of run-ins with law enforcement. His father was a coach for the Philadelphia Eagles at the time.

Chiefs reached a confidentiality agreement Together with Ariel’s family in November to pay for her ongoing treatment and other expenses.