Former Colombian city council member Badura has been seeking repayment since he was suspended.

A former Colombian city council member is seeking repayment for the 18 months he was suspended.

Former District 3 Colombian city council member Moe Baddourah has been seeking repayments since he was suspended by the council in 2017 and 2018, according to sources who are directly aware of the council’s transactions. The Council’s Tuesday agenda includes items set during a private executive session for the Council to receive “legal advice on pending, threatened, or potential claims.” The agenda includes “former councilor” as the subject of the item.

Career restaurant owner Baddourah represented District 3 of the Council for two terms. When he lost to Wilbrennan in the ballot box in 2019, his third bid was inadequate.

However, his time in the council was undermined after being arrested for two misdemeanors of domestic violence in July 2016. Baddourah was accused of beating his wife at the car door at the Rockaway Athletic Club restaurant and bar parking lot on Rosewood Drive. Then, in March 2017, Governor Henry McMaster suspended him from the seat of the District 3 City Council. The governor at the time said Badura was charged with “guilty of moral confusion.” Badura then sued McMaster to return to the council.

He eventually entered pretrial intervention in this case, and the indictment was withdrawn when he completed the intervention. He returned to the council in October 2018 and lost his re-election bid the following fall.

He is currently seeking repayment for the suspended 18 months. The councilor earns $ 13,500 a year, which is about $ 20,000 for 18 months.

The state left a voice message to Baddourah on Monday.

Mayor Steve Benjamin declined extensive comment on the issue when contacted by phone, due to the fact that it was on the agenda of the council’s executive session. However, when asked if he would support Badura’s repayment, the mayor replied “no.”

Benjamin and Badura are long-time political rivals who fought each other for the mayor in 2013.

Baddourah remained in the headline, despite the fact that he lost his reelection bid almost two years ago.

His case against the governor was filed in the State Supreme Court at the end of last year, which ruled the matter in March. Unanimous opinion It confirmed the lower court’s decision to abandon Badura’s challenge to his suspension four years ago.State Supreme Court Governor said He had the authority to suspend the then District 3 councilor while his criminal case passed through the court system.

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