Former Cuomo aide who filed a criminal complaint reveals his identity

Former aide to the Governor of New York. Andrew Cuomo A criminal prosecution against the Democratic Party for multiple cases of improper contact revealed her identity on Sunday, claiming that her former boss “broke the law.”

Brittany Commisso was initially referred to only as “Executive Assistant # 1” in a report by New York Attorney General Letitia James, stating that the governor had sexually harassed nearly 12 women. Komiso revealed that while Cuomo was in the executive mansion, he reached under his blouse and groped his chest.

On thursday she File a criminal complaint in Albany.. Sheriff Craig Apple confirmed the development to the New York Post and said he would be prosecuted by the district attorney if the accusations were deemed credible.

CUOMOACC USER filed criminal complaint in Albany County

“That was right,” Komiso said in an excerpt from a recorded interview with CBS This Morning, which will be fully released on Monday, about her decision to contact law enforcement. “”

“What he did to me was a crime,” she said. “He broke the law.”

Komiso also accused the embarrassed governor of repeatedly grabbing her back, kissing her with her lips, hugging her improperly, and talking about her personal life.Cuomo Denied all claims Of improper behavior in the report.

“The facts are very different from what was portrayed,” said a Democrat shortly after James published her findings. “I have never touched anyone improperly or made inappropriate sexual progress. It is not who I am, but the one I have never been to.”

Komiso is one of 11 women who have accused Cuomo of cheating, and James’ report released last Tuesday is said to have supported those allegations. As a result of the investigation, Cuomo concluded that after repeated “unwelcome, non-consensual contacts,” he and his office members took “retaliatory” actions by “intention.”[ing] Some women who tried to report their experience.

James refused to pursue criminal charges against Cuomo, but left options for local prosecutors and law enforcement agencies. After that, some municipalities stepped up to the plate.

On August 3, Albany County District Attorney David Soares said: Start a criminal investigation He welcomed “contact his office with additional information” and “all victims” and joined the governor’s actions. A day later, Westchester District Attorney Miriam Roca Started a similar investigation And we’re asking for information about the unwanted progress and excitement of the New York State Police Department. New York State Police once served as part of Cuomo’s security details at his home in Mount Kisco, a residence in her area of ​​activity.

According to James, Kuomo “runs his hands across his stomach from his navel to his right hip, with the door open,” and then “fingers on his back, from the top of his neck to his spine, in the middle of her back.” And while the pair is on the elevator.

“I believe it is appropriate for my office to conduct further investigations to determine if any of the reported acts that have taken place in Westchester County are essentially criminal. Roca wrote to James in a letter. Obtained According to NBC News.

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Many prominent Democrats called on Cuomo to resign on Tuesday after reporting, but some, including Senz, had already resigned before the investigation was completed. Chuck Schumer And Kirsten Gillibrand.

President Joe Biden When Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi He was also among some others who asked for Cuomo’s resignation.

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