Former DA, accused of “showing favor” by McMichael, is waiting her day in court on suspicion of a delayed arrest for the murder of Amado Arbury.


A man convicted of murder Armor berry That’s not the only face of the February 2020 murder prison. Former Georgia Attorney Jackie Johnson was arrested for her role in delaying the justice of a black man who was chased and killed while running through an almost white neighborhood near Brunswick, Georgia.

Former District Attorney Jackie Johnson (Branswick Prison), Armor Berry (family photo)

Former District Attorney Jackie Johnson (Branswick Prison), Armor Berry (family photo)

According to the grand jury’s indictment, Johnson violated the oath: “Show favor and affection” to Gregory McMichael “I failed to treat Arbury and his family fairly and with dignity,” he said. “Don’t arrest Travis McMichael,” he said, interfering with police. Johnson also lost a re-election bid last November due to the Arbury case.

It took more than two months from the time Arberry was killed to his arrest. His family and supporters demanded that Johnson be punished for what she did.

“She should spend time in jail,” said Lee Merritt, a lawyer for Arbury’s mother. “Her actions weren’t just negligence, they worked actively to cover up the murder.”

Gregory McMichael was a former police officer working as an investigator at Johnson’s office in Glynn County until 2019. McMichael reportedly called Johnson after the murder and left a message asking for advice.

“Jackie, this is Greg,” CNN reports that McMichael said in a voice message. “Can you call me as soon as possible? [inaudible] I was involved in shooting, so I need immediate advice. Would you please call me as soon as possible? thank you. good bye. “

Johnson has Denied cheatingShe said she immediately declined her office from the incident because of her relationship with McMichael. Georgia Attorney General Chris Carr has begun an investigation into her actions by a grand jury and the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI). Kerr announced his indictment on September 2.

Johnson was arrested on September 8 for breaching and obstructing civil servants’ oaths and obstructing law enforcement officers. She was released on a $ 10,000 bond. Johnson faces one to five years in prison for violating his oath and up to one year for obstructing law enforcement.

Arbury’s mother, Wanda Cooper Jones, told reporters the day after the indictment was announced, “yesterday was a huge victory.” “I have no words. Unfortunately, Ahmaud isn’t with us today. But losing armor will change a few things here in Georgia.”

The GBI is also investigating the mishandling of Arbery’s case by another former law enforcement officer. Waycross District Attorney George Burnhill told Grin County Police that “there is insufficient reason to issue an arrest warrant” because a man accused of his murder attempted to detain Arbury for the arrest of a civilian. Said. Burnhill withdrew from the incident after facing pressure from Arbury’s mother. Burnhill’s son worked with Gregory McMichael in Johnson’s office.

“Travis McMichael, Greg McMichael, and Brian William (sic) enthusiastically track down suspected robbers with solid, direct and possible causes in their neighborhood and ask him to stop. It seems they were saying. Their intention was to stop and detain the suspect until the law enforcement agencies arrived. Under Georgia law, this is perfectly legal. “Barnhill said. Wrote a letter to the Grin County Police.

The trio was finally arrested after a video of the event captured by William “Rodi” Brian was shared publicly by Brian. Brian joined McMichael’s Arbury chase on a pickup truck and admitted that he had captured a former athlete so that other men could catch up with him.

They believed he was responsible for the robbery in the neighborhood. Their lawyers also claimed in court that it was an attempt to arrest civilians. However, the jury opposed the man on murder and other charges and convicted him. They never witnessed Arbury stealing anything and never called the police before chasing him.

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