Former DA accused of “showing favor” to a man accused of murdering Ahmaud Arbery


A former Georgia district attorney was charged by a grand jury on Thursday and said she had given priority to men. Accused of murdering Armode Arbury last year.

Former prosecutor Jacklin Lee Johnson has been charged with violating the oath of civil servants and obstructing police officers, Georgia Attorney General Chris Kerr said. Johnson was the Brunswick Justice District Attorney when a black man, Arbury, 25, was shot dead in February 2020. Johnson eventually lost his reelection in November.

Arberry Shot and killed on February 23 After Gregory McMichael (64) and Travis McMichael (34), his son chased him with a pickup. The Arbury family said he was jogging, but the white McMichael said he thought he was a thief.

Image: Family photo Amado Arbury (family courtesy)

Image: Family photo Amado Arbury (family courtesy)

Johnson withdrew from the incident a few days after the shooting. She said former Glynn County police officer Gregory McMichael had been an investigator in her office for over 30 years before retiring in May 2019.

Johnson has now accused him of “showing his favor and affection for Greg McMichael during the investigation.” According to the indictment issued on Thursday.. She is also alleged to have interfered with the two police officers “by instructing that Travis McMichael should not be arrested.”

The indictment also alleges that Johnson sought help from District Attorney George E. Burnhill, a district attorney for the Weaks judiciary.

Burnhill resigned in April, defending McMichael’s in a letter, stating that his father and son had “certain direct justification” for believing that Arbury was a thief.

No details have been released regarding the allegation. Kerr’s office said it would continue the investigation.

Johnson did not immediately return a voicemail requesting comment on Thursday.

Arbury died in February 2020, but the case had not been thoroughly scrutinized until then. The filmed video was released in early May 2020.. The video was disseminated online, causing widespread anger, and the case was referred to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation shortly after its release.

In a video posted by Arbury’s family lawyer Lee Merritt, Arbury can be seen jogging on the road when a white pickup truck is parked in front of him. Arbury runs around the vehicle and shots are fired. The video shows that when two more bullets are fired, Arbury and another man appear to be in a fight.

NBC News does not know what happened before the event shown in the video.

McMichaels has been Indicted for felony murder, Neighbor William “Rodi” Brian, 50 years old.Brian, who recorded the video with McMichael, said he Was just a witness..

All three pleaded not guilty.

Fix (September 2, 2021 8:05 ET): In previous versions of this article, the name of the former prosecutor was misspelled. She is Jacquelyn Lee Johnson, not Jaquelyn. It was also misleading when Amado Arbury was murdered. He was killed in February 2020 instead of February last year.