Former dancer Valarie Allman wins US first Olympic track gold medal in Tokyo


Valarie Allman won Team USA’s first gold medal in the discus final in Tokyo on Monday.

Big picture: Allman is the first American woman to win a discus medal since 2008. Her 68.98-meter pitch exceeded that of German silver medalist Christine Pdentz by more than two meters.

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conspiracy: Allman was not always a discus athlete. In fact, she was once a professional dancer.Allman remembered In the statement She was thinking of doing extracurricular activities when she learned that the thrower was hosting a spaghetti dinner.

  • “They said that if you come, try one of the throwing events you can come to for dinner,” Allman said.

  • “It fascinated me. Looking back, this was the best spaghetti supper in my life. I can’t believe it.”

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