Former Delaware minister accused of child sexual abuse

Dover, Delaware (AP) — A woman who said her father, a former pastor of the Delaware Church, had sexually abused her childhood and trafficked to another man, was awarded $ 1.5 million by a federal jury on Friday. it was done.

41-year-old Alicia Cohen began sexually assaulting Ronald Cohen at the age of three at her parents’ home in Newark, and about two years later, when she lived in Oklahoma, she gave her to another man for sex. He said he started selling. ..

She also filmed and sold videos of her father being raped and described his “religious façade” and “ministries” (including the non-denominational Miracle Tavanacle) in child sexual abuse and child sex. He said he used it as a cover for trafficking.

Ronald Cohen, who also uses the names “Rafi” and “Rafael,” denies this claim as “false, frivolous, and defamatory.”

“Ron was shocked by the verdict,” defense lawyer Dan Boyce said Friday. Voice said Cohen had asked him to file a motion in his favor, or a motion for a new trial, despite the jury’s verdict.

He also said that Cohen, who currently lives in North Carolina, is in his 70s and is dependent on social security, and he is “proof of judgment” based on his finances.

Alicia Cohen’s lawyer, Dan Stephenson, said the case wasn’t about money, but about holding Ronald Cohen accountable.

“The central question in this case was whether the defendant repeatedly raped his daughter as a child for years. The jury clearly said” yes “and of compensatory and punitive damages. I admitted both, “Stevenson said in an email.

According to the proceedings, Alicia Cohen suppressed her memory of abuse for years.

“Due to the actions of the defendant, the plaintiff suffers from extreme mental, physical, psychological and emotional trauma,” the proceedings said. “She has spent a great deal of time and money meeting doctors, psychiatrists, counselors and other therapists.”

The Associated Press usually does not appoint people who say they were victims of sexual abuse unless they were made public, as Alicia Cohen did.

Seven jury found that Ronald Cohen was more liable for the superiority of evidence for a variety of crimes under Delaware state law, including incest, sexual abuse, and continued sexual abuse of children. They also found that he was liable under Delaware law for assault or assault, mental distress and imprisonment.

However, the jury ruled in favor of Ronald Cohen on allegations of trafficking under federal law and state law in Delaware, New Jersey, and Florida. They also ruled in his favor on various other criminal charges under federal, Florida, and New Jersey law.

“There was no direct or circumstantial evidence to support her claim,” said Plaintiff’s proceedings, an expert who “hypothesized” that she had certain characteristics of being sexually abused. He added that it depends on.

Voice also said the judge refused to allow expert lawyers to state that Alicia Cohen’s memory of 30 years ago was incorrect.

Alicia Cohen’s lawyer, Stephenson, rejected the idea that it was a “he said-she said” case.

“We have brought a pile of evidence, including objective, medical, and recognized facts,” he said. “We had a healer, a healer’s record, and an expert witness in support of what Alicia said.”