Former Department of Justice lawyer shortens January 6 testimony record

Washington (AP) — Former Associate Attorney, who agreed with former President Donald Trump after losing the 2020 election, refused a full interview by the House of Representatives investigating the January 6 turmoil in the Houses of Parliament. , I closed the deposit after about 90 minutes. Friday.

Jeffrey Clark, Who became the champion Trump’s efforts to overturn the election are questioned based on Trump’s claim of executive privilege in an ongoing proceeding, according to those familiar with private meetings given anonymity to discuss it. I told the committee that I wouldn’t answer. Clark left an interview with his lawyer. He told reporters that they were heading “home.”

Clerk, Subpoena The appearance of the committee did not answer the questions from the reporters when he left.

A spokesman for the committee also declined to comment.

Clark’s refusal is the latest fallout from Trump’s attempt to claim executive privilege in the proceedings. He submitted To the Commission and the National Archives of Japan. The proceedings are intended to prevent the government from publishing a tranche of White House internal documents, including pre- and during riot call records, draft statements, speeches, and handwritten staff notes. President Joe Biden has so far relinquished executive privilege on almost every document requested by the Commission because it needs to investigate violent attacks.

In a legal dispute, the House Panel seeks cooperation from some of Trump’s other top allies, including his longtime companion Steve Bannon and former White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows. I had a hard time. The Commission has interviewed more than 150 witnesses so far, according to two people familiar with the interview requesting anonymity.

Interviews include a wide range of former and current government officials, Trump campaign aides, law enforcement officers, and more.The panel also spoke with some people who helped Hold a rally The morning of January 6th, when Trump told his supporters to “fight like hell.”

Clark is one of the approximately 20 people the Commission has summoned so far. NS report The Democratic Party announced at the Senate Judiciary Committee last month how he defended Trump’s efforts to revoke the election results, resulting in a clash with the Justice Department’s boss who resisted pressure, and Trump Clark. The Chief of the Attorney General. He did not do so after several aides threatened to resign.

Mississippi Democrat Benny Thompson, chairman of the House Commission on January 6, said in a Clark summons that the Commission’s investigation would “engage the Ministry of Justice to thwart peaceful transfer of power. Reliable evidence has been revealed. ” And his efforts “run the risk of involving the Ministry of Justice in actions that lacked evidence and threatened to overturn the rule of law.”

It’s unclear if the panel will move Clark to insult Congress, as they were in Banon.House Vote last month To encourage accusations against Banon, and it’s now up to the Department of Justice decide Whether to prosecute.

The Panel may also pursue similar insults against Meadows and former Trump administration aides Dan Scavino and Kashap Patel.

Despite playing cards False allegations The results of the stolen elections, the main motivation for violent mobs who broke into the Capitol and blocked Biden’s proof of victory, were confirmed by state authorities and upheld by courts. William Barr, Trump’s own Attorney General, said the Department of Justice did not find evidence of widespread fraud that could change the outcome.


Associated Press journalist Rick Gentilo contributed to this report.