Former Disneyland performers say the key to being hired as a princess is to have “the most forgotten cute face”

Melanie, a magical girl posing in a Disney costume

Melanie played one of Cinderella’s sister-in-laws in the park.Melanie

  • Insiders talked to current and former Disney Park performers About their audition experience..

  • The former face character said the casting director would look for an “unforgettable cute face” in the audition.

  • She said it was more important for them to hire performers who were similar to each other.

When it comes to that Land work As a theme park Disney character, some ex-employees say that appearance and luck are more important than talent.

A former Disneyland performer told insiders that he was looking for “the most forgotten cute face” when the company played the role of princess.

Former performers said Disney will hire performers who look like each other in the park


Multiple performers are hired for each role in the park.Mark Ashman / Disney via Getty Images

Melanie Auditioned 13 times before taking up the post As one of Cinderella’s sister-in-law at Disneyland. Her surname was withheld for privacy reasons — an insider confirmed her identity and her employment at Disney Park.

She told insiders that landing a role is more about maintaining physical consistency with performers already cast in the park, rather than resembling a cartoon character.

“The criteria you’re trying to achieve when you’re about to be hired as a princess are essentially the most forgotten cute faces you can have,” she told insiders.

In her audition, she said, the first cut was made after the casting director lined up and examined their faces.

“You can’t prove anything, that’s what strangers think of what your face looks like,” she said. “You can’t really make it, it’s hard. It’s hard to accept.”

Sarah Daniels, who started working as Mickey Mouse at the age of 16 and continued to play facial characters like Alice and Alice. ArielTelled the insider that it was the worst part of the audition process.

“That’s a bit of a frustrating part of Disney,” she said. “And it’s not pretty, it’s just how you look at the wig, how many girls you currently have, how many girls you need.”

The audience usually doesn’t even know what role they are aiming for.

Public auditions are held several times a year for Disney parks and cruise lines around the world.But the audition list is Disney Career Site It usually does not include a specific role. In some cases, only the height range is displayed.

“So I went to a lot of people because they said,” Oh, you could show up and be the perfect Ariel, but today you’re actually hiring only Tinkerbell. ” Said Melanie.

She said landing a role in the park really comes down to luck.

“It wasn’t just how badly I wanted it, how many times I was willing to show up. That was all true and I wouldn’t have been able to get a job yet,” Melanie said. I told the insider.

She added, “I was lucky enough to get most of this job.”

Disney representatives did not immediately respond to insider requests for comment.

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