Former Executive Vice President of Fox News

According to the former Fox News vice president, China’s call for peace talks and a truce between Russia and Ukraine means many things, including the possibility that Russia’s help will be needed if China invades Taiwan. It may mean

“Peace is a big word. It’s a short word, but it has so many different meanings,” said John Moody. interview February 23 NTD’s “China in the spotlightHe was answering questions about Chinese President Xi Jinping’s visit to Russia. report The Wall Street Journal was to be used to call for peace and dissuade Russia from furthering a war that could escalate into a nuclear war.

Xi is reportedly planning a trip to Moscow in the next few months, although travel arrangements are in the early stages. But as he marks one year since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, China’s foreign ministry has called for a ceasefire between the two countries. 12-point plan To achieve a political settlement to end the war.

Entitled “China’s Position on the Political Solution to the Ukraine Crisis,” the plan calls for the Chinese regime to abandon what it describes as a “Cold War mentality.”

According to Moody, there are two reasons behind China’s desire for peace between Russia and Ukraine.

China shocked by Russia’s failure

“I think the first is that Beijing is incredibly surprised and disappointed and nervous about how bad the war has become for Russia. As it was, the Red Army had invaded Ukraine, and in a few weeks we thought things would be over, we would go home and start drinking vodka again. harsh reality Life under the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

“In fact, Russia had a very disorganized attack plan,” he said.

A second reason behind China’s proposal for a peace plan between Russia and Ukraine may be that Beijing needs Russia’s help for its goal of taking Taiwan by force, Moopy said. rice field.

“Xi Jinping is very likely looking to strengthen and support Russia because he has his own plans for Taiwan. “Russia, if not militarily, would at least support him diplomatically, just as the United States is supporting Russia,” Moody said.

Meanwhile, the Chinese government combined rhetoric of discouraging “expansion of the military bloc” with “abandoning Cold War thinking” in a 12-point plan. The CCP also called on the international community to promote peace talks.

Moody said the call for peace could also indicate domestic vulnerabilities that threaten Xi Jinping’s “divine image projected by him” as leader of the Communist Party of China.

“So I think he needs a win, just like any other sports team needs a win after a couple of bad losses.

king’s visit

Meanwhile, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi ended his visit to Russia before the 12-point plan was announced.among them Press conference Last Thursday, China’s foreign ministry said Wang had “deep exchanges of views” with the Russian side.

Putin welcomed the king and confirmed Xi’s planned visit to Moscow on Wednesday.

“I am waiting for the visit of the President of the People’s Republic of China to Russia. We have agreed to this,” Putin said.

However, Ukrainian officials claimed no similar talks took place between China and Ukraine, according to an AFP reporter at a Chinese Foreign Ministry press conference.

Asked by AFP why China did not consult with Ukraine before proposing the 12-point peace plan, Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin said: “China and Ukraine maintain smooth communication.” said.

As strategic cooperation between Russia and China deepens, there are growing concerns about China’s supply of weapons to Russia and its impact on the Ukraine crisis. In December 2022, the two countries completed joint naval exercises in the East China Sea, and President Putin and President Xi Jinping held a telephone conversation, in which Putin said Moscow was seeking to strengthen military ties with Beijing.

Moody said China and Russia together were a bigger threat and that President Joe Biden didn’t know what to do if the alliance strengthened.

“I don’t think the US knows what the consequences are for China.

“If China goes ahead and has evidence that it is supplying lethal weapons to Russia, a decision will be made. not.”