Former federal judge Luttig sent a harsh message to the Commission on January 6th.


Retired federal judge J. Michael Luttig, a solid conservative who has long been admired by many Republicans, testifies in front of the House of Representatives. January 6th Committee On Thursday, in an urgent and harsh message to the panel about former President Donald Trump’s efforts to overturn the 2020 elections: “American democracy was almost stolen from her.”

File-In this 2016 file photo, Boeing's J. Michael Luttig speaks at the Florence Civic Center at the Greater Florence Chamber of Commerce's annual member luncheon in Florence, South Carolina. / Credits: Morning News via Joe Perry / AP

File-In this 2016 file photo, Boeing’s J. Michael Luttig speaks at the Florence Civic Center at the Greater Florence Chamber of Commerce’s annual member luncheon in Florence, South Carolina.

Luttig would also state that it is incorrect for the Republican National Committee to mention some of the events of January 6, 2021 as follows: “Legal political discourse” And warn fellow conservatives not to ignore the significance of what Trump did when he scrambled to maintain his presidency that day.

The planned remarks of the retired judge were confirmed on CBS News by two people familiar with his expected testimony, who were not allowed to discuss the details of the hearing.

He also reveals how then Vice President Mike Pence was advised to resist Trump’s plea against Pence to prevent the congressional recognition of Joe Biden’s election victory.

One familiar with Rutig’s planned testimony said he considers his appearance on the Commission to be as serious and calm as his appearance in the US Supreme Court.

Pence’s lawyers and aides contacted Rutig prior to Congressional accreditation and sought his guidance and conservative permission. Pence decision.. Luttig will temporarily serve as an informal external advisor to the Vice President’s team.

Luttig’s role in that episode caught the attention of the Commission. He has long said he would be happy to share his stories and views about the state of democracy in the Republicans and America.

“If you are invited by Congress, of course I will testify.” Luttig told CBS News During April.

Former Pence adviser Greg Jacob will also testify in front of the committee on Thursday. Both Jacob and Rutig pence to do nothing to break Congressional elections and to ignore advice from conservative lawyers and former Rutig secretary John Eastman, Trump’s ally. Advised.

Eastman has created a two-page note that was accepted by Trump. It claims that the Vice President can delay certification and take steps to allow the state to send alternative slate of voters for consideration in Congress.

Recent federal judge Ordered Eastman submits 159 documents to the House Select Commission.

David O. Carter, US District Judge who has overseen Record the dispute Between Eastman and the House Panel, as a conservative lawyer claimed, the latest tranche disclosed was not covered by lawyer / client privileges or protected work products. The 159 documents were part of a broader batch of nearly 600 documents that Eastman fought to protect from the Commission. According to Carter, 440 of them were privileged and protected from disclosure.

Melissa Quinn contributed to this report.

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