Former federal prosecutor says Donald Trump may have committed ‘treason’ by launching ‘armed attack on Capitol’

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Former President Donald Trump speaks at CPAC in Dallas, Texas on August 6, 2022.Brandon Bell/Getty Images

  • A former federal prosecutor said he believes Donald Trump could be indicted for treason.

  • Former prosecutor Glenn Kirshner said his role in the Capitol riot may have led to treason charges.

  • President Trump’s actions on January 6 last year forced Congress to “suspend the peaceful transfer of presidential power,” he said.

Former federal prosecutor Glenn Kirshner said Friday he believes Donald Trump could be indicted for treason.

In an interview with MSNBC, Kirschner said Trump had launched “an armed attack on the Capitol to prevent the peaceful transfer of presidential power.” Newsweek.

“Don’t forget small crimes that might actually merit treason,” he said.

The Capitol riot left five people, including one police officer, death. Members of the Proud Boys, classified as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center, were also in attendance.

the organizer is bold Despite Joe Biden’s election victory, former President Donald Trump’s urge to protest with him on the outcome of the 2020 election. While meeting to confirm the election victory, Trump supporters attempted coup and attacked the Houses of Parliament.

After the riot, the rebels Delete in a hurry Pictures or social media posts demonstrating participation in the Capitol riot. Some even smashed his cell phone, deleted his social media accounts, and tried to wipe his hard drive, which might contain photos and other evidence of his involvement.

but others boasted of their involvement, making it easier for the FBI to identify and later prosecute them. So far, at least 895 people have been indicted in connection with the riots, According to Insider’s database.

In addition to the potential treason charges Kirschner predicts, Trump could face a host of other charges for actions aside from the Capitol riot. 10 years imprisonmentaccording to legal analysts.

Espionage laws are laws that essentially prohibit the sharing or dissemination of information that could harm or prejudice the United States.

Espionage Act conviction potentially dropped if investigators determine Trump committed wrongdoing by bringing a box containing classified records back to his Maralago resort after leaving the White House According to unsealed court documents, some boxes were clearly marked as “top secret,” said Insider’s Sonam Sheth. report.

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