Former federal prosecutor says he is frustrated that Trump has yet to be indicted after “committing crimes in a harsh light”

Headshot of Donald Trump speaking

Former President Donald Trump addresses supporters during a rally in Waukesha, Wisconsin, on August 5, 2022.Scott Olson/Getty Images

  • Former prosecutor Glenn Kirshner is frustrated that Donald Trump has yet to be indicted.

  • In an interview with MSNBC, Kirschner listed many scandals centered around Trump.

  • “Are you complaining that Donald Trump hasn’t been held accountable for a minute? Yes,” he said.

Former federal prosecutor Glenn Kirshner expressed frustration Friday that Donald Trump has yet to be indicted.

After enumerating a series of investigations launched regarding Trump, MSNBC host Joy Reid asked Kirshner about Trump’s former chief strategist, Steve Bannon. Arrested for money laundering and conspiracy.

“This may sound amazing coming from a former career prosecutor,” Kirshner said in an MSNBC interview. But does this new investigation take our attention away from his investigation into the theft of confidential documents?

Kirshner said, “This seems to have distracted us from him launching an armed rebellion against the Capitol, and it seems to have distracted us from his fraudulent election in Georgia.” continued.

Kirschner went on to list more scandals and controversies, centered around Trump.

“And all of that, Joy, certainly distracted us from his bribery and extortion. [Ukrainian] president [Volodymyr] Mr. Zelensky, 10 counts of obstruction of justice documented in Trump Russia report, first campaign finance crime with Michael Cohen used to steal presidency.Tell DOJ to finish what you started Can I say to? Just return one indictment against someone committing a crime in the harsh light of day. “

“So are you complaining that Donald Trump hasn’t been held accountable for a minute? Yes there is,” he said.

The latest legal battle to emerge centered on Mr. Trump is with the Justice Department over the FBI’s search of the Mar-a-Lago mansion in Florida.

Last month, the FBI recovered boxes containing classified records that Trump took from the White House after he resigned, according to court records released to the public.

The search uncovered more than 20 boxes containing “11,000 documents and 1,800 other items from offices and storage rooms,” according to court filings. Some of the boxes were clearly marked as “top secret,” according to insider Sonam Sheth.

Some of these materials may include sensitive documents such as medical, tax and accounting records, the court said.under Presidential Records Actthe president’s records must be turned over to the National Archives and Records Administration upon resignation.

The Justice Department is currently investigating whether Trump has violated laws governing the handling of government documents. A legal analyst previously said he could be sentenced to 10 years in prison if convicted of breaking the law. spy lawa law dating back to World War I that essentially prohibits the sharing or dissemination of information that could harm the United States.

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