Former Florida prosecutor suspended for sex with victim in domestic violence

Orlando’s lawyer, formerly an assistant state lawyer in Orange County, will begin his suspension on Saturday after having sex with a victim of domestic violence while handling her case.

The State Supreme Court has sentenced Abraham El Mazahi, who joined Florida Bar in 2018, to a 90-day suspension.

He was guilty of misdemeanor, according to El Mazahi’s conviction for the Florida Bar Association’s ethical consent decree. Violence of domestic violence battery and domestic violence suppression order case Involve John Neale. After the decision to prosecute Neil, but while the case was in progress, El Mazahi met the victims and began sexual relations.

Neil was again alleged to have violated the detention order, and El Mazahi was charged in this second case. He was fired for that.

An investigation into the matter by the Seminole County Prosecutor’s Office found that El Mazahi’s decision made during the case was “objectively supported” by the facts of the case. However, his relationship with the victim was still “inappropriate and caused a conflict of interest. He should have informed the relationship to a lawyer opposed to his office and withdrew from the case.”

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