Former Fort Worth police officer sneaking up to trial for the murder of Atatiana Jefferson

Former Fortworth police officer, charged with murder for shooting a woman in 2019, showed on Tuesday that he had elected a jury instead of a judge, reviewed evidence of the case in a trial, and was convicted. The sentence that determines him.

At the status meeting, Judge David Hagerman of the State District Court said he would discuss. Schedule Atatiana Jefferson’s Death Trial With the Tarrant County Criminal District Attorney’s Office and Aaron Dean’s lawyer. The date is not listed in the court records.

Dean was sitting in the 297th District Court gallery when his proceeding was summoned at the top of the judge’s 10 am docket.

In a document summarizing the circumstances of the case, prosecutor Dale Smith said his office would not offer plea bargaining to Dean.

Hagerman reminded me of what he published Gag order Instruct prosecutors and Dean’s lawyers not to provide information about the case outside the courtroom.

Hagerman in October set a tentative period for Dean’s trial and said the case schedule could change, but the trial is likely to take place in August.

Fort Worth city council member Chris Nettles wrote a letter on Monday to lawyers in the Tarrant County Criminal District, Shean Wilson and Hagerman, pointing out their dissatisfaction with the unscheduled trial.

“We must uphold our country’s commitment to our judicial system and ensure that criminals are held liable for their actions. This case lasts more than 624 days. It was dragged over, “the nettle wrote.

Dean has been accused of shooting Jefferson on October 12, 2019.Jefferson died as she was Babysitter her 8-year-old nephew At her mother’s home on 1200 blocks on East Allen Avenue in Fort Worth.

A neighbor called the police worried when he saw the door of his house open, and Dean and another police officer answered the call. Jefferson, a 28-year-old black man, heard the noise outside and thought he was wandering in the yard. According to a nephew’s report in an affidavit in support of a former police officer’s arrest warrant, when Dean fired once from the outside and killed her, she took a gun and looked into the bedroom window. It was. Dean is 36 years old and white.

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