Former Fox News Producer of Sean Hannity accused of supporting Russia

Nicholas Cam

Nicholas Cam

As the U.S. continues to follow the tentacles of the Kremlin’s business, the latest person arrested for violating U.S. sanctions against Russia has been noted for his relationship with Vladimir Putin rather than his old relationship with Sean Hannity. not. Launch a Russian promotional network.

Thursday’s Justice Department quietly in London on February 3 as Jack Hanick evaded U.S. sanctions by helping sanctioned Russian oligarch Konstantin Malofeev start right-wing Tsargrad television. Revealed that he was arrested.

DOJ opened the grand jury at the same time Prosecution Hanick has accused him of being deliberately involved in a deal with Malofeev, officially licensed by the US government, for serving to fund Russian-backed soldiers in eastern Ukraine since 2014.

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The indictment also lied to FBI agents about Hanick’s trip to Greece and Bulgaria to expand his television network in 2015 and 2016 when he was interviewed by an American investigator in New York City last year. I blame him.

Federal agents claim that many of the pitiful details about Hanick’s Kremlin adventure were found in unpublished memoirs he kept in his email account.

Malofeev was licensed by the US Treasury Department’s Foreign Assets Management Department in December 2014 for funding separatists in the Donbus region of southeastern Ukraine.

There, Russian fighters operated with the less secretive help of the country’s army, using their government weapons when they shot down Malaysia Airlines Flight 17, with 283 passengers and 15 people. I killed the crew.

Malofeev (also known in the west as Malofiev) started a Christian network of Orthodox churches called Tsargrad TV. In 2020, he launched a right-wing political group of similar name in Russia, where imperialists bent and pressured politicians to strengthen their conservative policies, similar to the National Rifle Association in the United States. ..

I’m a former Russian TV anchor. Fox News imitates state television.

according to Warsaw InstitutePoland-based geopolitical think tank “Tsargrad” tests that political candidates adhere to “the traditional family, religion and cultural values ​​of the Russian people”.

Financial Times In 2015, we analyzed how Malofeev launched a “conservative yet modern spin on global news” to mimic the rise of Fox News.And in 2018, an online news site salon He called Hanick for participating in a Russian operation, noting that he had previously been the director of Hanity on Fox News.

Hanick got his start on Fox News when it was first launched in 1996. Fifteen years later, in 2011, he left. Three years later, he participated in Malofeev’s Russian propaganda operation. The Justice Department is currently trying to hand him over from England to New York City.

Damian Williams, Manhattan’s Supreme Federal Prosecutor, said the sanctions “banned U.S. citizens from working for or trading with Malofeev, but as claimed, Hanick said. By working directly on multiple television projects for Malofeev, he violated these sanctions. ” A few years. “

Williams emphasizes the indictment’s commitment to enforcing the law aimed at interfering with those who use wealth to undermine the basic democratic process in his office. “. This office will continue to be the leader in the Department of Justice’s efforts to retain responsible parties to support the terrible and unjustified acts of war. “

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