Former Governor Orders NFL to Pay Brett Favre

Jackson, Mississippi (AP) — Defendants in the Mississippi welfare fraud case said in court documents that they had sent $ 1.1 million in welfare funds to former NFL star Brett Favre at the direction of former governor Phil Bryant.

Mississippi press reports that Brian’s denials have been filed on behalf of defendant Nancy New, who once ran a nonprofit and education company in Mississippi.

rear Convicted of criminal accusation in AprilNancy New, 69, and her son, Zachary New, 39, testify to others about what state auditors have called the biggest corruption case in Mississippi in the last two decades. I agreed.

Her proceeding to court is a civil proceeding filed by the Mississippi Department of Human Services against Mississippi Community Education Center Inc., once run by a new family member. In a 29-page document, her lawyer states that she was acting according to the instructions of MDHS staff in the granting of various contracts and the allocation of funds.

The filing was dated on Monday and was first reported Mississippi todayA non-profit digital news business that is widely reported about welfare scandals.

She specifically mentions Bryant about the $ 1.1 million money paid to Favre, “considering Favre’s talks at events, keynotes, radio and promotional events, and developing business partners.”

According to the former governor, a spokesperson for the former governor issued a statement denying the accusation. WAPT-TV..

“These allegations made against Governor Bryant are false. The investigation that Governor Brian requested of the state auditors found and prosecuted all claims against these individuals,” he said.

State auditors have demanded the repayment of $ 77 million of expired welfare funds, including $ 1.1 million paid to retired NFL quarterbacks.

Favre was not charged with criminal misconduct and repaid the money.He said he did not know that the money he received came from the welfare fund and denied the auditor’s claim that he was paid for the event. He did not attend.. Farb also said his charity provided millions of dollars to poor children in Mississippi, where he lives, and in Wisconsin, the star of the Green Bay Packers.