Former host of “America’s Most Wanted” John Walsh asks if anyone actually saw Brian Laundry at his house when a lawyer said he was there

FBI agent goes out of the house door with a box

FBI agents begin stealing evidence from the home of interested person Brian Laundry after his fiancé Gabby Petite went missing in North Port, Florida on September 20, 2021. I did. Octavio Jones / Getty Images

  • “In Pursuit” host John Walsh said he believed Brian Laundry had never been to the Carlton Reserve.

  • “I don’t think he was there,” Walsh said. CNN..

  • Walsh wondered if anyone had seen Laundry after returning to his family’s home.

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John Walsh, the host of “In Pursuit” Participated in the search For Brian Laundry, I was skeptical if anyone actually saw Laundry at his parents’ home in the days after he returned on September 1.

“I have different persuasiveness and different philosophies about returning to the swamp. I don’t think he was there,” Walsh said. CNN of Police efforts to search the Carlton Nature Reserve.

Laundry returned to his family’s home in North Port, Florida, on September 1, 10 days before his family. Gabby Petit reported her missing On September 11th, Petit and Laundry were on a cross-country trip together.

Laundry exercised his fifth amendment and refused to assist the authorities in Petit’s search.

His lawyer, Stephen Bertolini, told reporters that Laundry remained at his parents’ home, but on September 17, he told police and the general public: His family last contacted him a few days ago.

The FBI on Tuesday confirmed that Ruins found near Grand Teton National Park Petit’s, her death murder.

Florida police are still looking for a laundry that is considered an “interested person” in Petit’s disappearance.

Walsh said he believed Laundry had never been to the Carlton Reserve. “His parents and a phone lawyer bought him five or four days to get ahead of this,” he told CNN.

He questioned the family’s claim that Laundry went to the reserve on Tuesday, and found it unusual for the family to find his Ford Mustang and leave notes for him to return.

“They just found his car in a 60,000-acre reserve,” Walsh said, adding that there were reports that the car did not leave the driveway when the family said.

police Searched family home on Monday and declared it a crime scene.. A tow truck removed a car that the family said Brian had driven into the reserve. Investigators were also able to see large, flat cardboard boxes and evidence bags being brought home.

But Walsh was even more worried that there were no reports of physically seeing the laundry in the house.

“I’ve asked reporters of all kinds …” Have you ever seen confirmation that he was in the house? What if he comes back with a van? He was there for 10 days. It took me a long time to prepare for the escape. You could have scraped off the van. I’m surprised that the FBI found something in the van or house. “Walsh said,” So, did anyone see him the 10th he was there? Has his neighbor actually seen Brian? “

Walsh suggested that the family could have used a dated newspaper to take a picture of his son next to him as proof that he was there.

“All the while, the FBI and Northport police were listening to Bertolino’s lawyer. Not everyone was surprised to say he was at home and called on Friday and went from Tuesday.” Said.

Laundry is considered an “interested person” and is not a suspect. He has not been charged with a crime. The FBI and Northport Police Department did not respond to insider comments at the time of issuance.

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