Former Japanese Princess Mako and her husband start a new life in the United States

On November 14, 2021, Mako Komuro, the eldest daughter of Mako Komuro and Princess Kiko Akishino, and Kei, the newly-married husband, boarded a plane to New York at Haneda Airport in Tokyo. .. (Issei Kato / Reuters)

Tokyo — Former Japanese princess Mako left the country with her husband on Sunday, landed in New York City and started a new life in the United States.

After abandoning the royal title to marry his college girlfriend Kei Komuro last month, the former royal family, known as Kei Komuro, and her husband pass by a journalist waiting at Haneda International Airport in Tokyo at the age of 30. I took an ANA flight. When the terminal left the gate, the applicant waved from the terminal.

Mako Komuro, former Japanese princess Mako
On November 14th, at Haneda Airport in Tokyo, Mako Komuro, the eldest daughter of Mako Komuro and Princess Kiko Akishino, can be seen before boarding a flight to New York. , 2021. (Issei Kato / Reuters)

After arriving at JFK International Airport in New York, she was photographed in a green overcoat and white mask while the cargo was being loaded into the vehicle.

The couple’s marriage fascinated Japan and ignited a public dialogue about royal media coverage. Mako was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder this year after suffering from a financial scandal, intense media scrutiny, and a couple’s three-year separation.

After the wedding, Mako, the daughter of Princess Kiko Akishino, went to New York with Kay and received her first passport to work at a law firm.