Former Japanese princess Mako arrives in New York after abandoning the title

Mako Komuro arrives in New York

The footage broadcast in Japan showed a former princess arriving in New York

Mako Komuro, a former Japanese princess, arrived in the United States with her new “commoner” husband, Kei Komuro, after leaving the royal family.

There was a minimal pageant as college lovers who got married last month left Tokyo Airport on Sunday morning.

They will rent an apartment in New York where Mr Komuro works for a law firm.

Under Japanese law, a female imperial family loses its position when it marries a “commoner.”

The two were closely guarded by police and airport guards while strolling through the departure terminal. They overtook about 100 journalists who were there to witness them leaving, but did not answer the question.

A video broadcast in Japan showed a couple arriving in New York and walking at the airport with security guards before getting into a waiting car.

Their migration to New York has long been rumored, and Mako, who took her husband’s name when she got married, is reportedly expected to find a job in New York.

But last month, when Japanese media reported that Mr Komuro had failed the New York State Bar Exam, the couple faced a setback in their plans. Future lawyers will need to pass the test in order to practice the law in the state.

Mr. Komuro is currently working as a legal officer.

Emigration to the United States was compared to the British royal family Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, and the newlyweds were given the nickname “Harry and Megan in Japan.”

The couple faced great opposition when they first announced their engagement four years ago, and their relationship was controversial with tabloid gossip over the allegation that Mr. Komuro’s mother did not repay a loan from a former fiancĂ©. It is targeted.

According to the imperial family, reports led the princess at the time to develop post-traumatic stress disorders.

When the couple got married last month, they skipped the usual ceremonies of the royal wedding and declined the payments offered to the royal women on their departure from the family.

Princess Mako Komuro, the niece of Reigning Emperor, was the first female member of the royal family and declined both.

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