Former Jordanian Crown Prince accused of aiming to stabilize the kingdom

** File ** Photographs of Prince Hamza of Jordan (left) and Queen Noor (right) of Jordan at a wedding ceremony in Amman, Jordan, on May 27, 2004. King Abdullah II of Jordan revealed his half-brother and heirs as Crown Prince on Sunday, November 28, 2004, at another major succession switch to the Hashimite dynasty that ruled Jordan. I stripped it. Abdullah II nominated Crown Prince Hamza hours after his father, King Hussein, died of cancer on February 7, 1999.  (AP photo / Hussein Mara)

Hamza, a former Jordanian prince, stands next to her mother, Queen Noor, during her wedding in Amman, Jordan in May 2004. He was stripped of his title in November of that year. (Fusein Mara / Associated Press)

Jordan’s top executives conspired with a former crown prince of the kingdom to conspire to secure and stabilize the government the day after the prince was under house arrest and security forces detained more than a dozen of his associates on Sunday. I accused him of doing so.

Jordan’s deputy prime minister and foreign minister, Aiman ​​Saffadi, said at a press conference on Sunday that a long and vigorous investigation by the Army and intelligence revealed suspicious “activity and movement” by Prince Hamzah bin Hussein. Stated. A one-year-old half-brother of King Abdullah II of Jordan. Hamza, who made a bitter public accusation of the government on Saturday after being told not to leave the house, replaced King Abdullah, who established his eldest son Hussein in 2004, as crown prince.

According to Mr. Saffadi, these activities include incitement of domestic celebrities and consultations with foreign organizations “on the best time to start measures to undermine the security of rebellious Jordan.” It was.

Rapidly changing developments have shocked Jordanians unfamiliar with the palace plots that have often plagued neighboring countries. After a night of enthusiastic speculation about a widespread coup attempt, the country woke up at the beginning of a week that wasn’t like a coup. Saffadi never used the word coup in his remarks, the capital and major cities. Jordan, a resource-poor desert kingdom that is slightly smaller than Maine, is very important because of its reputation for stability. It borders Israel, Syria, Iraq and Saudi Arabia.

“Here we confirm that we now have full control over these movements … and state services were able to suffocate them before the movements began,” said Saffadi. .. “Jordan’s security is stable and stable due to the perception of our rebellious people, the wisdom of the king, and the dedication of our security services.”

The briefing on Sunday ended the dramatic moment, but it was largely unclear what happened on the weekend when security forces arrested about 20 people, including senior government officials and royal relatives. Prince Hamza, Chief of Staff of the Army, was not arrested on Saturday, but said he was asked to limit his movements. Instead, he aired two videos late Saturday, saying he was out of communication, and what he said was corruption, nepotism, and the king and his circle about unacceptable objections. Blame.

In an English video broadcast by the BBC on Saturday, he said, “No one can talk or comment on anything unless they are bullied, arrested, harassed, or threatened. It has become. “

He added that he hopes the government will blame him for being part of an outside conspiracy.

“I made this recording to make it clear that I am not part of a conspiracy or malicious organization, or a group with foreign support.

Saffadi refused to identify foreign political parties that he said was involved on Sunday, but declared that their “sinful plan” was aimed at “weakening Jordan’s position on key issues in the region.” did.

He also did not elaborate on what those issues were, but as evidence of foreign ties, “someone related to foreign security agencies” placed the plane under the punishment of Prince Hamza’s wife. And foreign her and his children.

“This represents another indicator of the impact of external groups on Jordan and suspicious activities that have been hampered to protect its stability,” he said.

Social media activists later identified the person as Israeli citizen Roy Chaposhnick. He was the captain of the Israeli army, according to LinkedIn and Facebook pages, but is now based in Europe at a company called Global Mission Support Services. He has also worked with the infamous US mercenary boss Erik Prince. (Shaposnik later confirmed to Israeli journalist Barak Ravid that he had offered to send Prince Hamza’s wife and children to his home as “close and personal friends.”)

Sunday’s Saffadi portrayed the prince as a frustrated royal cry for power against the nation, tricked by Jordanian enemies. This is an image that confronts the official character of the prince. Prince Hamza, the eldest son of the fourth marriage of King Hussein and Queen Noor (formerly Lisa Harabi), is considered a father’s favorite and is near a tribe that was traditionally the power base of the monarchy.

“What I say is that the two goals are in line. One is for those who carry out the agenda to shake Jordan’s stability,” Sadafi said. The other is related to “fantasy and ambition,” he added.

He added that when the results of the investigation were presented, the king initially spoke directly with the prince and chose to treat the situation as an internal matter of the family.

“But in the end, Jordan’s security and stability are considered above all, and all the legal proceedings necessary to protect them will be taken,” said Safadi.

In the aftermath of Saturday’s detention, Arab and regional nations sent a message in support of King Abdullah and all the moves he took to maintain security. This includes Israel, which signed a peace treaty with its neighbors in 1994. Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz spoke after detention, describing Jordan as a “strategic ally.”

This story was originally Los Angeles Times..