Former Kentucky officer charged with cracking down on curfew

Louisville, Kentucky (AP) — A former Kentucky police officer was charged with a federal crime for firing a pepperball during a curfew crackdown in 2020, killing a barbecue cook.

Former Louisville police officer Katie Crew went to a barbecue at Yaya, a David McCati restaurant, to enforce a curfew for the entire city after midnight on June 1, 2020, with Louisville officers and Kentucky. I was with a large group of guard members. McAtee’s kitchen was besieged by pepperballs and fired by an outside officer. McAtee took his pistol out of the kitchen and fired two ammunition. Shot deadly According to members of the National Guard working on the details of the curfew.

A curfew was issued in late May of that year due to street protests after police shooting details were revealed. Breona Taylor It came to light. When authorities arrived at his business, McAtee was cooking miles away from the downtown demonstrations.

The crew and another police officer who fired that night did not turn on the body camera, so Steve Conrad, a former Louisville police chief, fired.

The U.S. Department of Justice has charged the crew with a single charge of using unjustified force. According to the indictment, a pepperball fired by a police officer beat and injured a person identified as “MM” who was standing on private land and did not threaten him.

Crew, 29, and other law enforcement agencies have been sued by McAtee’s family The unresolved proceedings said McAtee believed he was under attack and counterattacked for self-defense. A surveillance video released by police shows a pepper ball jumping into the kitchen and hitting something. The proceedings allege that McAtee’s niece, McAtee McAtee, was near the kitchen and was hit by a ball.

If convicted, the crew in Jeffersonville, Indiana can be sentenced to up to 10 years in prison. Louisville police told the press that the crew had been fired in February.

The indictment follows the recent federal conviction of another Louisville officer in connection with the 2020 racial injustice.

Cory P. Evans was sentenced to two years in prison in February for beating a kneeling protester on the back of his head with a riot stick.

The Justice Department has been investigating the Louisville police since last year.