Former Mayor of Busan, South Korea, imprisoned for 3 years for sexual abuse

Seoul, South Korea (AP) — The former mayor of South Korea’s second-largest city was imprisoned for three years in prison for sexually abusing two city officials during his tenure.

Oh Keo-don did not immediately return a phone call or text message asking if he would appeal. The Busan District Court also ordered Oh to receive counseling and banned work in child welfare organizations and facilities for persons with disabilities for five years after the end of his sentence.

Seen to be a major ally of President Moon Jae-in, who grew up in Busan, Ah, after admitting that he had made “unnecessary physical contact” with a female civil servant who accused her of groping her, April 2020. Resigned from the mayor. office. According to lawyers, an unidentified woman said Oh’s behavior caused post-traumatic stress disorders.

Oh, and then separately accused of having unwanted sexual contact with another female city official in 2018.

Oh’s lawyer argued that it was unclear whether his actions were the cause of women’s PTSD. They appealed for generosity, saying that 72-year-old Oh is actively contributing to society and tackling health problems that cause cognitive impairment.

The court dismissed such allegations, saying it was clear that Oh had abused his position while harassing a woman and that his actions were not accidental or temporary. ..

“It is hard to believe that, based on the materials submitted by the defendant, there is some cognitive impairment that would have affected the behavior of the defendant when he committed the crime,” the court said in a statement. ..

The Democratic Party of the Moon was shaken by allegations of sexual misconduct surrounding some of its major politicians.

Former President Ahn Hee-Jung, former governor of Chungcheong Province, was once seen as a presidential candidate, but is now in prison for raping his former secretary. Park Won-soon, then mayor of Seoul, was found dead in July 2020 on suspicion of suicide after a female employee accused him of prolonging sexual harassment.

Moon’s liberal party lost mayor by-elections to conservative opposition candidates in both Seoul and Busan in April. Analysts may have set the stage for an unpredictable presidential vote next March, analysts say.

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