Former Midland Prosecutor Dan Johnson banned by SC Supreme Court

Former United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit, Dan Johnson, who served in federal prison time to use taxes to cover personal costs, was banned by the South Carolina Supreme Court.

so opinion A state high court filed Wednesday said Johnson agreed to the proceedings and “acknowledged that he had violated” the rules of professional conduct leading lawyers.

In 2018, Johnson was charged by a federal grand jury with 26 wire frauds, postal frauds, conspiracies, and theft of federal funds. The state grand jury also charged Johnson with three charges: office misconduct and embezzlement of public funds.

The once-thought-out nova stole using his office About $ 44,000 According to court testimony at Johnson’s plea hearing, from the lawyer’s office using his office credit card to pay Johnson’s personal expenses. This included using it to pay for “double refunds for travel, vacation, romantic contact, and military training,” said Judge Cameron McGowan Curry of the U.S. District Court in 2019. Said at Johnson’s plea hearing.

Johnson One plea for transfer fraud In federal court, and all other accusations were dismissed.

He was sentenced to one and one day in federal prison, released under surveillance for three years, and fined $ 19,270 to the Solicitors Office in Kershaw County.

Johnson, who was acquitted of the still pending state criminal accusation, was released from prison in May 2020.

“We accept the agreement and keep the defendant out of legal affairs in the state,” the court wrote in a decision Wednesday.

Charleston’s Post and Courier first reported his opinion.

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