Former Mueller’s Sobriety Declaration Sums Up Trump’s Possible Second Term

Andrew Weismana former federal prosecutor who investigated donald trumpHis role in Russian meddling in the 2016 election envisions a second term for the former president. And it’s not happy hour. (See video below.)

asked on Tuesday MSNBCThe ‘all-in’ host of Chris Hayes When asked what he thought of a “Trump second term Justice Department,” Weisman responded:

“I don’t think there’s enough alcohol in my apartment to deal with it, because there’s obviously no rule of law. He basically forgives anyone he wants to forgive. He tells them You can ask him to commit a crime for you.As you said, there may be people like Bill Burr, but worse.”

Weismann Former chief public prosecutor In the office of special counsel Robert Mueller, who handled the report on Trump, the Justice Department told U.S. attorneys to create legal language to keep then-President Trump from paying hush money to personal attorney Michael Cohen. It was detailing the new book’s claims that it asked to be tweaked. Pornstar Stormy Daniels. Daniels claimed he had ties to Trump.

Weissman then turned to Sidney Powell, a conspiracy theorist who has accused Trump of false election fraud claims. Helped me strategize with Trump to reverse his defeat.

“He was thinking of appointing Sidney Powell as special counsel,” Weisman said. “I mean, the people he surrounds himself with and emulates are an absolute nightmare for a functioning basic democracy. I think all Republicans and Democrats share that view.”

Weismann said he has used alcohol consumption prediction before. Many citizens can sympathize.

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