Former NATO commander says Putin has his “gun sight” in more countries than Ukraine

Russian President Vladimir Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin seen in Moscow, Russia on February 19, 2022.Sputnik / Alexei Nikorsky / Kremlin via Reuters

  • Former NATO commander James Stabridis said he was concerned that Russia would not stop the invasion of Ukraine.

  • He said Russian President Vladimir Putin trained his “sights” in former Soviet countries like Moldova.

  • However, Stabridis added that Putin would probably not attack NATO members.

On Sunday, former North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Supreme Allied Expeditionary Force Commander James Stabridis said Russian President Vladimir Putin was a former Soviet neighbor outside Ukraine as Moscow continued to invade Kyiv. Warned that he “pointed his gun”.

Stabridis, a retired four-star US Navy admiral and current executive of The Carlyle Group, said he was “extremely worried” that Putin would not stop in Ukraine. Jonathan Cape Heart from MSNBC.

“I don’t think he will attack NATO countries, but he has his gun sight on Moldova, Kazakhstan, Belarus, these other countries, and the sovereign states that were once part of the Soviet Union. “There is,” said Stabridis. ..

“That’s where he goes next. I’m very worried about it,” he added. Kazakhstan and Belarus border Russia, and Moldova is located in the southwest of Ukraine.President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko Already a longtime ally of Putin, last month allowed Russian troops to cross the border for a northern attack on Ukraine.

Cape Hart said Stabridis did not mention Estonia, Lithuania, or Latvia among Putin’s targets.

Stabridis, who was NATO’s Supreme Allied Commander from 2009 to 2013, said Putin is a NATO member and is likely to refrain from attacking these countries.

“I don’t think he will cross the NATO border with anger because the military power correlation is against him,” said Stabridis.

Maps of Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Belarus, Ukraine and Russia

NATO member states Estonia and Latvia, along with Belarus, sit on the western border of Russia.Screenshot / Google Maps

Stabridis’ comments came two weeks after U.S. President Joe Biden condemned the invasion of Ukraine. Putin’s attempt to rebuild the “former Soviet Union”.

“The only thing I’m sure is that if we don’t stop now, he’ll be bold,” Biden said. “If we don’t oppose him now with these serious sanctions, he will be bold.”

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