Former NFL QB says Broncos has the best head coach vacancies, despite the lack of a franchise quarterback

Courtland Sutton will play against the Kansas City Chiefs.

Courtland Sutton will play against the Kansas City Chiefs.Jamie Schwaberou / Getty Images

  • Currently, eight NFL teams are looking for new head coaches.

  • According to former NFL quarterback Dan Orlovsky, Denver Broncos is the best landing point.

  • The strength of their roster means that they are the only players away from their potential greatness.

With 14 teams starting the fight in the NFL postseason, the other 18 teams are already heading for 2022. For many of them, that means cleaning the house.

After this week’s “Black Monday,” eight teams (25% of the league) are on the market in search of new head coaches. Each gig has its strengths and weaknesses, but according to former NFL quarterback Dan Orlovsky, one job is better than the other: Denver Broncos.

It may be surprising to football fans that Broncos is at the top of Orlovsky’s list. Other potential destinations for top coaches include teams featuring young quarterbacks set for future stardom, such as Justin Fields in Chicago and Trevor Lawrence in Jacksonville.

However Talk to “Dampatric Show” Orlovsky has made a strong claim to having Broncos as the best coaching job available in the league.

Broncos roster has already been loaded

“Denver has an amazing roster and they have great talent for young skills,” Orlovsky explained. “Two good backs, one very young. A solid attack line. [Cornerback Patrick] Sirtain looks like a superstar. You need to get a quarterback. “

Broncos has young talent above and below the roster, while other teams sport young and talented quarterbacks as their greatest attraction. Broncos, with an average age of only 25.94, entered 2021 on the league’s 12th youngest roster. This includes only nine fielders over the age of 30. In addition, their young talent has room for growth.

Satein, 21, could soon become one of the best corners in the league, and by playing with Kyle Fuller, 29, he’s already there with one of his teammates. can do. In the running back, rookie Javonte Williams, 21, emerged as a potential game breaker, splitting Carrie with veteran Melvin Gordon, who will be a free agent this offseason.

But the real highlight of Broncos’ young talent is the wide receivers of Courtland Sutton (26), Jerry Jeudy (22), KJ Hamler (22) and Tim Patrick (28).

Tim Patrick celebrates the touchdown to the Dallas Cowboys.

Tim Patrick.Associated Press Photo / Roger Steinman

Sutton is already an elite pass catcher, at 6’4, a very tough match for hostile defense. Judy is a speedster who can extend the field throughout the attack and also has enough hands to play short when called. The tearing of the ACL shortened his 2021 campaign, but Hamler is set to be a threat from the slot. Group veteran Patrick is an all-rounder playmaker who played a bigger role in the attack after Judy and Hamler were injured at the beginning of the 2021 season.

With the tight-end Noah Fant (24), this receiving corps could become one of the league’s most feared transit attacks stars. All five players have signed with Broncos for at least two more seasons.

Looking at the NFL as a whole, the only team to approach a similar young star set at the receiver is the Cincinnati Bengals.

The Broncos Receiving Corps is ready to bring havoc to the league, and they only need the right people to get them the ball.

The biggest problem is that they don’t have a quarterback yet

Broncos has had a hard time finding the right quarterback since Peyton Manning retired to glory shortly after leading Denver to victory in the Super Bowl 50.

Currently, Drew Lock is the only quarterback on the Broncos roster contracted in 2022, Teddy Bridgewater is a free agent, and backup Brett Rypien is a restricted free agent. Where the depth at the Broncos receiver stands out as a big plus, their current quarterback situation is exactly the opposite.

Undoubtedly, the first big move for anyone getting a head coach job in Denver is to work with the team’s front office to find future quarterbacks.

Fortunately for Broncos, 2022 could be the perfect year to find a quarterback to fill a ready-to-use roster.

Aaron Rodgers leaves the field after defeating the Chicago Bears.

Aaron Rodgers.Associated Press Photo / Aaron Gouache

“Broncos has already completed 95% of the puzzles,” Orlovsky said. “Well, one missing part is obviously the missing part, but we have [Aaron] Rogers potentially on the market.I have Russell [Wilson] Potentially on the market. Baker Mayfield is potentially on the market. Whatever your opinion about the situation, no matter how the league deals with it, we have Deshaun Watson on the market. And obviously there is a draft. “

If Rogers, Wilson, or Mayfield becomes available at any point during this off-season, Broncos’ already extensive roster, especially talent at receivers, will be a powerful selling point. Veteran talents like these three don’t want to head for another reconstruction project in New York, Carolina, or Detroit. They want to win now and Broncos may be a team ready to help them do it.

Pieces are available for the appropriate coach to mark

No matter who takes on the job of head coach in Denver and finally starts taking snaps for the team under the center in 2022, Broncos is cutting out their job for them.

Even with the talent to make them such a desirable destination, they still play in the AFC West and compete with the Chiefs, Chargers, and Raiders six times a year in splits.

Still, the future of Broncos looks bright. Especially if we can land the following two important hires. Undoubtedly, there are many good candidates for Denver’s top jobs.

If they find the right match, they don’t know how far they can go.

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