Former officer faces more serious crimes with Daunte Wright’s death


Minneapolis (AP) — Minnesota prosecutors filed more serious charges Thursday against former suburban Minneapolis police officers who fired deadly shots. Dantelite The traffic is suspended, but the activists weren’t looking for murder.

Former Brooklyn Center Officer Kim Potter He is currently charged with manslaughter in addition to his previous manslaughter. Before Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison took over the case, activists demanded murder during protests outside the Brooklyn Center and metropolitan prosecutor’s homes.

Caucasian Potter, she Meaning to use her taser instead of her pistol When she fatally shot Wright, a 20-year-old black driver, on April 11. The second manslaughter charge claims that she acted in negligence and took an unreasonable risk when she consciously took the possibility of causing death or serious physical harm with a firearm. doing.

One manslaughter can be sentenced to up to 15 years, and two manslaughter can be sentenced to up to 10 years, although state ruling guidelines say much less.

Attorney Pete Olput of Washington County initially handled the case based on an agreement signed last year. In the agreement, metropolitan prosecutors said they would take up each other’s cases, including the death of a person after police used force. After Orput charged Potter with manslaughter He was under strong pressure from activists, However, he continued to say that the case did not justify the murder, as protesters demonstrated outside his home.

when Ellison’s office took over Potter’s indictment in May, He said he would carry out a thorough review to determine if he would need to submit an additional fee. Ellison said Thursday that the review, including consultations with experts in the use of force by police, concluded that the manslaughter upgrade was justified.

The message left to Potter’s lawyer was not immediately returned.

The message left to Wright’s mother was also not returned to the Associated Press. Jalani Hussein, secretary-general of the Council on American-Islamic Relations Minnesota branch and activist on police violence, said Wright’s family had a new accusation on Wednesday, “clearly.” I was disappointed. ” Lack of murder.

Joe Friedberg, a local lawyer who has nothing to do with the case, said the facts of the case were not worthy of murder and that the manslaughter upgrade “does not apply at all here.” He said that when someone commits a misdemeanor and dies, such as hitting a fallen person, hitting his head, or dying, the words on which the new accusation is based are usually used.

“How are you going to be reckless? I don’t know …. I’m sorry, it’s a political move,” he said.

According to a new criminal charge, Potter was training another police officer, Andrew Lucky, when he pulled Wright. Lucky told Wright that the fragrance was hanging from the rear-view mirror and was stopped because the license tab had expired. Lucky returned to his squad and discovered that Wright had a serious warrant for misdemeanor weapons violations.

Lucky asked Wright to get out of the car, and when Lucky was about to arrest him, Wright returned to the driver’s seat, the complaint said. As Lucky clasped Wright, Potter said, “I will soothe you,” and moved a piece of paper from Wright from his right hand to his left hand. After a second, Potter’s right hand can be seen in a video of a body camera with a pistol.

The complaint says that while Potter was pointing his gun at Wright, he said “I make fun of you” and “Taser, Taser, Taser” again. Then she pulled the trigger and fired a single round that struck the chest light.

The complaint says she was outside Wright’s car door when Potter fired, and her pistol was a few inches below Lucky’s arm. It looked like the cartridge case hit Lucky’s face. In the body camera video, you can hear Potter saying he grabbed the wrong gun.

According to the complaint, Potter’s duty belt was holstered in a position where the pistol was pulled straight on the right side, so it had to be pulled with the right hand, and the Taser gun was holstered on the left side. She had to draw it with her left hand.

The taser is yellow and the grip is black, but the pistol is completely black. The two weapons have a clear grip, and the taser has a manual safety switch and laser sighting. According to the complaint, Potter had been heavily trained in taser guns and firearms for 26 years as a police officer. The training included two taser-specific courses during the six months prior to Wright’s death.

Potter will be brought to trial on November 30th.


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The Associated Press writer Steve Karnowski contributed to this report.