Former officer imprisoned in a murder was beaten and died


Washington (AP) — Time behind prison for improper sexual relations with prisoners and plans to kill his wife, and another plan to kill a federal agent who was investigating him A former prison officer who served as a prisoner was beaten to death in a federal prison in Indiana, two people familiar with the matter told The Associated Press.

People said Michael Radkin died Tuesday the day after being beaten in a quarrel with another prisoner at USP Terre Haute, a high-security prison in Indiana. His death is being investigated as a potential murder. People were not allowed to discuss this issue publicly and spoke on condition of anonymity.

The USP Terre Haute was also home to the Federal Death Row and was a prison where 13 people were executed during President Trump’s decline. However, Radkin was not on death row and was sentenced to 90 years in prison.

The prison bureau said Radkin was found unresponsive in prison around 6:30 pm on Monday, and staff began medical treatment and called for emergency medical personnel. He was taken to a local hospital for a life-threatening injury and died on Tuesday.

His death is the latest rash in the Federal Bureau of Prisons case. Over the past two years, APs have experienced a series of coronavirus epidemics in prisons, failure to respond to pandemics, escapes, deaths, very low staffing that has prevented them from responding to emergencies, and serious misconduct. I’ve been in jeopardy.

Radkin was convicted in 2009 after serving as a prison officer in the Federal Bureau of Prisons in Danbury, Connecticut, engaging in sexual relations with female prisoners and attempting to kill his wife. rice field.

According to the prosecutor, he had a sexual relationship with the woman from October 2007 to January 2008 and promised to pay her $ 5,000 to arrange the murder of his wife. His plan included making regular payments to her commissioning account to repay the debt.

In that case, while he was sentenced, Radkin sought help from other prisoners, found someone outside the prison, and conducted a federal investigation with the Justice Department’s Inspector General’s office, his ex-wife, and more. Killed the official. Prosecutors said he made the first $ 500 payment as part of the murder program and promised more money would come.

He has been detained in a terre haute containing more than 1,100 male inmates since July 2017.