Former Ontario NDP Leader Andrea Howas Announces Bid to Mayor of Hamilton

Andrea Howas, who had commanded Ontario’s NDP for over a decade before resigning last month, announced plans to run for mayor in her hometown of Hamilton on Tuesday.

Horwath said he would think long and hard about his decision and resign as a member of parliament to run for the October local elections.

At a press conference on Tuesday, she said, “I really believe our city has the best day before us … and I expect not only experience, but also hard work and collaboration records, Hamiltonians with each other. I have what I’m doing. ” ..

“I look forward to using everything I have learned to help realize the great potential of our city.”

Horwath resigned as NDP leader 13 years after the June state elections, returning the party to official opposition for the second consecutive term in parliament.

Since then, she has hinted that she may be considering running for mayor of her city, where she was reelected as an MPP for the Hamilton Center. Hamilton Mayor Fred Eisenberger said he would not seek her reelection in the fall after a three-term term.

Horwath grew up in the Stoney Creek community of Hamilton, the daughter of a car worker, and graduated with a degree in labor from McMaster University.

After graduating, her first job was at the Hamilton Workers Education Center, which was established to help people with literacy and computing skills. From there, she continued to work for a co-operative housing company before entering politics.

Horwath was elected to the Hamilton City Council in 1997, served three terms, and was elected to the Ontario Parliament in the 2004 by-elections. She was the leader of Ontario’s NDP from 2009 to June this year after her fourth appointment as Ontario’s Prime Minister. She failed.

Horwath said he continues to represent the Hamiltonian and looks forward to using her experience, networks and connections to serve the city.

“I literally worked for the people of Hamilton for the rest of my life, working with passion and pride,” she said.

“People know what they’re getting because I’ve been doing this job for a while and love it every minute, and I hope I have the opportunity to do it as Mayor of Hamilton. increase.”

Prime Minister Doug Ford praised Howas’ dedication to public services.

“As I said the day after the election, there is no doubt that Andrea will wake up every day ready to fight for what she believes. Thanks to her many years of public service as an opposition leader and as an opposition leader. I would like to do it as an MPP for the Hamilton Center, “he wrote in a statement.

When asked on Tuesday about Ford’s proposed “powerful mayor” system, which gives great power to mayors of cities like Toronto and Ottawa, Howas said he wanted to see how that system would be deployed. I did.

If the Prime Minister decides to extend the system to other municipalities in Ontario, Mr. Howas said he promises to work with the state government.

“Once again, if I’m honored to be mayor, I can guarantee that I’ll always be working together,” she said.

The Ontario Local Elections will be held on October 24th.

By Noushin Ziafati

Canadian press