Former Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan calls out protesters after surviving assassination attempt

Former Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan on Thursday called on his supporters to continue the “long march” to the capital Islamabad after recovering from a gunshot wound sustained at a rally last week.

In a video address, Mr Khan vowed to continue the fight for “true freedom”, telling his supporters that his Pakistan Terek Einsakh (PTI) party was in the same place where the shooting took place. He urged the lockdown to be lifted as rallies resumed in Wazirabad.

“I will arrive in Rawalpindi and invite you all to march with us because it is a matter of the future of the country and the future of your children,” he was quoted as saying to local media. rice field nation.

Khan refutes police accounts

Khan was shot dead on November 3 at a rally calling for a hasty poll since being ousted in an April parliamentary vote. The attack killed one of his, and Khan claimed it was an “assassination attempt” by a rival.

A police report released last week said a man identified as Mohammad Naveed acted alone in the shooting in Wazirabad.

Khan refuted police accounts, saying at least two shooters carried out a “planned” attack last week. He did not provide supporting evidence, but gave an opportunity to speak out about the alleged conspiracy at a September rally.

Shot by Imran Khan
Former Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan is rescued after being shot in the leg in Wazirabad, Pakistan, November 3, 2022. This still image taken from a video. (Urdu media via Reuters)

Khan sued Pakistani Prime Minister Shebaz Sharif, Interior Minister Rana Sanaura and Major General Faisal Nasser plotted his murder and blamed it on religious fanatics.

“On September 24th, I said at a public rally that the plan was made and that they would blame the religious fanatics. [for it]'” he said in the video. “They planned that if the religious fanatics killed Imran, they would be held accountable.”

The Pakistani government and military strongly deny the allegations. Sanaura said the shooter was a “voluntary and dedicated person” who carried out the attack on religious grounds.

Sharif said Wednesday that he had asked the presiding judge of Pakistan to set up a judicial commission to investigate the shooting and killing of Khan. Pakistani journalist Arshad Sharifwas shot dead in Kenya last month.

“These unfortunate incidents are being used to make false claims and spread confusion. [and] weaken the institution.let me [the] The truth will come out,” said the Prime Minister on Twitter.

Reuters contributed to this report.

Aldogra Fredry


Aldgra Fredly is a Malaysia-based freelance writer covering Asia Pacific news for The Epoch Times.