Former police chief Val Demings defended the police officer who killed 16-year-old Makia Bryant, saying he seemed to have followed his training.

Florida Rep. Val Demings appears in “Face the Nation”. CBS News

Democrat and former police chief Val Demings of Florida came to defend an Ohio police officer who killed Makia Bryant last week.

Officer Nicholas Riadon He shot and killed 16-year-old Makia Bryant while answering a phone call about a teenage fight outside of Columbus, Ohio. Foster care facility.. Body camera image While she had something that looked like a knife, when she rushed into another girl, she showed a policeman firing four shots at Bryant.

Appearing “Face the Nation” Demings said on Sunday that Bryant’s death was a “sad moment” for her, both as a former patrol officer and as a former social worker working with foster children. Demings, a 27-year police veteran, was the Chief of Police in Orlando before being elected to Parliament in 2016.

Based on the “limited information” released, Demings saw the shooting footage and said, “Police officers responded as trained, with the main idea of ​​preventing tragedy and loss of life. It seems. ” A person who is about to be assaulted. “

She emphasized tasks that make it difficult for police officers to make “momentary decisions” in tense situations.

“Now everyone has the advantage of slowing down the video and capturing the perfect moment. The street cop doesn’t have that ability. He or she has to make a momentary decision and they’re tough. “, Said Demings.

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Brian’s death caused both protests Ohio And Other parts of Country.. Following the shooting on March 29, 13 years old, it was the second police murder of a teenager that caught the public’s attention in a month. Adam Toledo In Chicago.

Officer Riadon, who has been with the Columbus police since December 2019, has been on leave until a shooting investigation is conducted.

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The police Columbus department The second Only the Chicago Police Department regarding the number of teens killed by police officers. Columbus PD is affiliated with the NYPD in this ranking.

The· Ohio County Even where Brian was killed, he has the highest police shooting mortality rate in the country.

Demings appeared in “Face the Nation” to promote George Floyd’s justice in police law, a bill that calls for increased accountability and transparency of police.passed House of Representatives In June, only three Republicans voted in favor of the bill. Not yet voted in the Senate.

Last week, Demings and Republican Rep. Jim Jordan, Entered a screaming match During a police debate after Demings accused Republicans of supporting law enforcement only when they were “politically convenient.”

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